Charles Hoskinson Cardano / ADA Interview

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In this interview Charles Hoskinson and I talk Cardano, Ada, Daedalus, and the future.
Great Whiteboard Video by Charles

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Charles Hoskinson Cardano / ADA Interview


  1. My friends and I refer to this guy as the wizard. We love the Cardano project and have invested in it for the long term. Great interview Lark. Much appreciated!

  2. wow! this is awesome! Great work Lark, really! Will be buying more. This was such a quality interview, seriously great questions!

  3. This is what 50 Cent meant when he said Jay Z’s 4:44 was too smart!!1 :de) This is an awesome project very 2020.

  4. This was a great interview. very informative. Super excited about Cardano. as an IT professional I see amazing potential in this project.

  5. Damn.. that was a great interview. Had my doubts about ADA but it sounds like an amazing project. A lot of things going on. Very interesting!

  6. Boom! A fantabulous interview Lark. Great questions, great answers. Cardano project explained fully and completely. The future is bright!

  7. Makes me feel a lot better about this one. It seemed at first like it came out of no where with its large market cap.

  8. Well said Lark at minute 41:20 , but for me it`s not overthrowing governments but saving economy and mankind
    Best interview until now. Go cardano!!!!

  9. Brad, out of curiosity, do you have a position in Cardano? A simple yes or no would be very well appreciated. I fully understand this is not investing advice, I’m purely curious for entertainment purposes.

  10. Nicholas Knight haha! You really understand the legal stuff youtubers have to explain everytime to not get sued in the US 😂

  11. that’s a very common ben franklin saying. it’s 2 wolves and a sheep btw. NEXT— (ben franklin very clearly understood the evil that is known as ‘democracy’this man in the video does not. or else he would not keep trying to call democracy a ‘good thing’.) Free Markets are what crypto needs, not democracies. That is a fact, not an opinion. FREE MARKETS. NO REGULATIONS. NO GOVERNMENT CONTROL. FREEDOM. Person A doing business with person B in a mutually beneficial private untampered-with transaction…. person C needs to C their way out of person A and person B’s business.

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