ChangellyMake Exchanging Awesome Again

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CEO Konstantin Gladych discuss what is happening over at Changelly and what we can look forward to moving into the future.

Please note this is NOT a sponsored interview

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ChangellyMake Exchanging Awesome Again


  1. Just wait until Ethos is open maybe this month, it is going to make the space move forward with Mass Adoption.

  2. The concept is great but unfortunately there are problems with the sign up procedure. I tried many times and I have always the same issue with the site not giving me a password.

  3. Great concept. Thanks Lark. Never realized your physical height till sitting next to Konstantin. Aloha.

  4. hi crypto lark ,do you konw POA network? today POA pull up highly, what do you think about it?

  5. They were a great service for a year or two but last year I stopped using Changelly when they appeared to be ripping me off. They delayed delivering the coin I wanted for 10 of 15 hours and appeared to choose the most profitable price (FOR THEM) that happened by during that time. Several times I didn’t get my coins until I sent in a customer service complaint. This is business and if you start ripping your customers off they will go away.

    I like to shift my bitcoins through a service like that before I drop them into cold storage (just in case). But Changelly got too greedy so I stopped using them.

  6. I remembered I’ve used changelly before but it’s costy since they charge you beside the third party do which is something outrageous , you might end up losing at least 10% of your money

  7. My favorite exchange at the moment is Kukoin. It lists all my favorite coins, including DeepOnion and Oyster Pearl. DeepOnion is a rapidly growing privacy coin that has a small market cap but ambitious dev team and roadmap. Oyster Pearl integrates the best aspects of the Ethash algo along with utilizing IOTA’s tangle to change the way we store data on the cloud. Will your new exchange list these coins? Please say yes because that exchanges interface looks sick!

  8. seems all you coin bloggers in token 2049. looks amazing
    awesome how you got to talk to konstantin. good work

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