chainlink, Electroneum, Tomochain, Fantom, High-Performance BlockchainAltcoin Updates

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In this rapid-fire altcoin update, Billy will take a look at the latest from #Chainlink, #Electroneum, #TomoChain, Fantom, and High-performance blockchain HPB.
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chainlink, Electroneum, Tomochain, Fantom, High-Performance BlockchainAltcoin Updates

StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. Geweldige fideo! Love the projectskeep crushing and pushing the digital future!

  2. Electroneum reminds me so much like xrp, when xrp was $0.006. Electroneum, doing so much more than other projects, and the price not reflecting that. At some time, it will.

  3. HPB has some interesting tech! I’ve also got my eye on TomoChain. Tank foar de video, Billy. Have a nice day Altcoin Buzz family!!💪

  4. Hi, love your videos but would love to see you talk more about DigiByte. They have technology that is used TODAY. Not tomorrow. Digi-ID, DigiAssets, MultiAlgo, MultiShield, dandelion, OdoCrypt. It is really underrated and it didn’t have an ICO, barely a Pre-Mine. It is run by the community and is truly decentralized. I make videos for them in my spare time and they are AWESOME! The coin WILL be in the top 10 in the next year or two years MAX. I’d love to talk more with you if you have a chance. Keep up the good work. -Amon

  5. Thank you for the useful info, always enjoy watching your make a review of ASG on p2pb2b exchange 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I have information that it will grow a lot soon, I hold for now

  6. Great video as usual, thanks 👍🏼😁 By the way, I found ASG on p2pb2b exchange, seems to be an interesting token with great volumes 🚀 Looks legit, I’m planning to buy 🤔💵

  7. Electroneum have been working diligently behind-the-scenes and when their ready releasing real gems like the M1! Keep an eye on Electroneum as I think it may suprise some people!

  8. Thanks for the ASG on p2pb2b exchange, made great profit 🤑🤑 I recommend to join before the price gets too high

  9. Hpb and ETN both have actual products and use cases. I have been following Electroneum alot and they are working hard delivering their entire ecosystem. The gig economy will be huge when it comes out.

  10. Electroneum is way behind others selling top up, and there are bigger and better coins that could come in a squash ETN like a bug. Dent has 132 million top up customers in 32 lannen. Ja, that M-1 is a real gem. It’s a grossly overpriced Android that will never pay for itself. You can pick up $35 androids in the 3 rd world that would eventually pay for itself. The M-1 will be shot before it pays for itself. On an amusing note, Ells doesn’t even have an option to sell the M-1 for ETN on his page! He would rather have fiat that goes right into his pocket. Ells doesn’t even want ETN for a product!

  11. Hi buzz could you take a look at Quant Network QNT . Team and contacts are the best I’ve seen . Please let me know your thoughts as appriciate your judgment.

  12. I sure hope they realize their vision, because I strongly believe in it. They will make the world better.

    P.S. I have no funds now to invest in them now, otherwise I’d do right now.

  13. +chrisybanks If your idea of mooning big is maybe a cent or two in several years. They are killing this coin with their supply. And please don’t mention XRP. That’s comparing apples to oranges.

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