Celer NetworkTaking Blockchain to New Heights

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Mo from Celer and I discuss Celer Network and why off chain scaling may just be the solution blockchain needs.

Please note this is NOT a sponsored video.

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Celer NetworkTaking Blockchain to New Heights


  1. Hi Lark,missed you Sunday night ;( no live chat pout pout……….lol NOSHAVETILL20K CrYpTo LaRk nAtIoN…….

  2. I think they were just visiting for a big conference this week, there was a meet up with some of the hottest upcoming ICOsit was cool

  3. Only way to improve this interview is to give the guest a high chair. Love Mo’s energy and drive. Have fun in Cali. Aloha.

  4. I Like the utilization of existing ethereum infrastructure instead of building out something entirely new. Backpacking is such a great new business strategy.

  5. Greetings from TongaHey Lark. It seems to make sense in principle, but something that I would need to ponder on. Certainly an avenue that should be exploredas should all potential scaling solutions. Don’t have my head around it yet but my only concern is the possibility of a centralised filter (but I obviously could be way off). Love to know more, Cheers J

  6. Ja, the off chain solutions do have their disadvantages, looking forward to doing an in depth review on this one

  7. celer network could be quite interesting have to check more on it. thanks. sincerely jr of exciting world cryptos

  8. looks good, off chain scaling for eth, improving the ecosystem.. Mo looks passionate. good luck to the celer network team

  9. It looks like Celer was made for The Crypto Lark. “Reaching new heights, eh…?” This comment is off the chain, yo.

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