Cashless SocietyEconomic Slavery or Tool to End Corruption & Bring Transparency?

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Can a cashless society bring us increased freedom and transparency and end the plague of corruption? One Brazilian bank is making an attempt.


This Brazilian Bank Is Using Ethereum to Issue a Stablecoin


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Cashless SocietyEconomic Slavery or Tool to End Corruption & Bring Transparency?


  1. Maybe ifin not so distant futurethe govs find they have more revenue from crypto because of traceability.. they will put an end to taxation? Or at least less of it..

  2. If people want to be corrupt, they’ll always find a way around it. Not even a cashless society with a public ledger can prevent that. When millions and billions are at stake, people become very creative.

  3. Hah.. Government lowering taxes because they save money elsewhere? What planet do you live on? The government is your enemy, and they’ll do absolutely anything to destroy you and milk your pockets. So don’t get your hopes too high.

  4. You say a nation will not accept a privacy crypto as national currency, i present you the cayman islands token lol

  5. Lark Id love for you to branch out into the philosophical talks with people like styxhexenhammer66 or maybe sargon of akkad or better still jordan Peterson its only a matter of time before the world needs to hear how blockchain meets morals, ethics and governance. and beyond 😉

  6. ​+Joseph Ducreaux Dude.. the gov is not our enemy.. we can easily overthrow and overpower them if we wish to do so.. NEVER underestimate the power of society! Look at what’s happened only recently from the Middle East rising straight through to Occupy! The sooner people understand and comprehend that govs work to protect their people the better.. that way the notion of unintelligent militant behaviour is diminished.

  7. Jesus he shaved it off O_O! I only just noticed xD Instant 20 years younger looking. Economic slavery obviously.

  8. Well said Lark! I’m all about it too, so long as the ledger is distributed and not owned or operated by any government or banking cartel.

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