carVerticalSolving a Billion Dollar Automotive Problem?

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carVertical is looking to solve a billion dollar a problem in the automotive industry by creating transparency between buyers and sellers about the factual history of a car. Their business model comprises of 5 products which are carVertical's wallet, ferslaggen, whitelabel, API and Database. This was on our radar for awhile and we thought we would bring some light to what we think is an awesome ICO.

CarVertical website –

More information about carVertical can be found here:
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This video is sponsored by carVertical

carVerticalSolving a Billion Dollar Automotive Problem?


  1. John McAfee‏minutes agoCoin of the day: Reddcoin (RDD) – a sleepermost widely used social network coin in the worldflying under the radar since 2014.

  2. The idea is good, but how to know if the cars had mechanics, engine problems and they changed by their own? in south america wont work even in center america

  3. I know there are different guys, it’s just they upload 5 videos a day which is amazing. The grind doesn’t stop.

  4. All you numb skulls out there talking about Jeff not sleeping, listen, sleep is for the weak, this fool’s got military background, he’s a badass mofo, don’t worry about him, there’s a freaking sea of RED again, It’s a Christmas miracle lol, I’m buying EVERYTHING!!!!! Let’s load up guys, we retire in 6 moannen! (not really, but who knows). Where’s my XVG squad? TRX squad? MIOTA babyyyyyy!!!!!

  5. This video is sponsored by carVertical, it would nice if you disclose this on the video instead of fine print

  6. The key point is how are they able to collect the information that is added to the block chain. This only covers the user experience. That is a very huge undertaking that is not covered at all.

  7. Can you make a follow up video on COLX? They have a great community and raised 20k to be listed on cryptopia

  8. Actually i am still expecting more pumps on cv as they released newCITYapp which someday should become an irreplaceable tool for millions of drivers around the globe. So let’s start with a global unified solution for automatic car parking. I might say that everything is packed and served in a single user-friendly carVertical. Looking forward for the bull market and success of this newly released app. Find it here :

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