Cardstack ICO ReviewA Better Experience for the Internet

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Cardstack ICO is seeking to bring a better user experience to the internet via their card token. Mix match and use your apps and be part of the progressive decentralization process.

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Cardstack ICO ReviewA Better Experience for the Internet


  1. He is not a whale, but he is a shark

    He will cut you with knowledge because he is smart.

  2. Sorry bro, I’m ICO’d out. Sticking with traditional UTXO blockchains from now on like BTC, LTC and DGB.

  3. Great review Lark,, there is a reason why people want you to talk about their project,to get it out to people you always do a great job talking about the good and the bad and always 100 % honest to your followers, well done ,don’t ever change ,not many you tubers in the space that people can trust,like yourself #NOSHAVETILL20KCrypto Lark Nation”.My birthday in a few days,,ughhhh Iam getting to be an old man my friend lmfao

  4. sir request u define any ico plz also mention
    min and max investment.
    payment method btc or eth or both
    when it is listed on coin market cap and exchange.
    waiting for reply

  5. Perspeсtivе IСО 2018 сhinesе bloсkchain 3.0 carries оut AIRDRОP = freе distributiоn of toкens for аccession to Тhеir Тelegram; Spеnd 1 minute and rесeive 90 dol Cliск, enТer уour Ethеrеum wаllеt addrеss; Coрy уour unique /thanks соde to thе offiсial Тelegrаm. Не can bе f0und in the bоttom of the рagе whеrе a question marк

  6. Geez, another one that is now available for the USA, Doh. Still watch the videos tho, Great Job and thank you for my Shout out . =)

  7. Thanks for listing excluded countries before your reviewLark, the man, the legendthe dude.

  8. bro the aura that i see on you right in this video is first on a crypto. so deff want to heard about the real risky but you know will plan out. make a video the risky gut. just say your opinion / gut feeling bout heat thats bout to drop n you know it. come on go out the box bro. starseed whats good

  9. Too ambitious a project for its own good. They are just putting too much stuff on their plate. I will invest in this if they accomplish 1/4 of what they say they can

  10. Project seems to have good future but the price per card is very expensive considering number of tokens supply. IMHO price shall get low once it hit the exchange so not participating in ICO and look to pick up when it comes in the market.

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