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Chris Tse from Cardstack and I discuss how blockchain will be an integral part of the experience layer of the internet.
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Please note that this is NOT a sponsored interview.

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CardstackExperience Blockchain, Experience the Internet


  1. CMPCO CAMPUSCOIN is going to be the worlds first coin for college. Major partnership announcement in less than 13 oeren!!!

  2. Thank you so much Chris for your time and energy. It’s people like you that are the reason these technologies will grow to their full potential. I’m very excited for this project and was very pleased with every aspect of this project. Especially the technical side of your development. All my questions have been answered extensively. Open source means everyone can make it better. Thanks for the interview Lark!

  3. Dankewol ! It was really awesome interviewing Chris, great to see people who are so excited about tech and our future !

  4. The Crypto Lark It shows in the product as well. You know how impressed I am with this project.

  5. This guy is brilliant. One of a very few people who seems to have a solid grasp of the blockchain space. Thank you for bringing awareness to him and his company.

  6. He’s really well spoken, I like that. Explained it very well. I’m looking forward to this project.

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