Cardano on Coinbase? Theta Mainnet Launch, Bitcoin Lightning Network, Ethereum, andrew Yang

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Is Cardano getting listed on Coinbase? Mattie also talks about Theta launching its mainnet, Bitcoin Lightning Network, and the latest from Ethereum and Joseph Lubin. Mattie also talks about Andrew Yang and his positive outlook on Bitcoin BTC.
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Theta Tweet

Theta Explorer


andrew Yang

Andrew Yang is the Bitcoin-Friendly U.S. 2020 Presidential Candidate

How #Ethereum Applications Earn A+ Security Ratings

How Ethereum Applications Earn A+ Security Ratings

Ethereum Co-Founder Joseph Lubin: Blockchain Will Be Most of the Economy in 10-20 Years

Is #Cardano (ADA) Getting Listed on Coinbase?

Is Cardano (ADA) Getting Listed on Coinbase?


Bitcoin Lightning Network Hits 1,000 BTC Capacity on Its One Year Anniversary

Lightning Network

Lightning Network Reaches New Record Hitting 1,000 BTC Capacity

Crypto Market Adds $4 Billion in 24 Hours

Crypto Market Adds $4 Billion in 24 Hours

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Cardano on Coinbase? Theta Mainnet Launch, Bitcoin Lightning Network, Ethereum, andrew Yang


  1. Timestamps:

    Theta Mainnet Launch – 1:30
    Bitcoin-friendly Andrew Yang – 2:36
    Joseph Lubin Believes in Blockchain – 6:55
    Will Cardano ADA be Listed on Coinbase Next? – 8:30
    Lightning Network Update – 10:34
    Crypto Market Adds $4 miljard – 13:55

  2. I’m so happy that Cardano is finally getting some love but man has it been a while. ETHOS is getting Cardano enabled for their wallet soon too.

  3. Cardano deserves this listing. Spitigernôch, I see ADA as the runt of the litter and would love to see bigger upward moves with them for who they are.

  4. F Yang. Don’t buy into his BS, he espouses the same hysterical race baiting rhetoric the identitarian left has continued to embrace for the past 5 jier.

  5. Together with Shelley being released soon for Cardano, the coinbase listing could be a huge boost

  6. Just in case someone may want to know my top three altcoins. They’re……
    Charles Hoskinson
    (Ja, wit ik…shilling my bag)

  7. And he wrote a book calledthe war on normal peoplethat is all about the struggles of white people in the midwest, and is the only politician ever to mention white birth rates and drug overdoeses.

  8. Accepting crypt for a campaign is akin to creating a campaign website in the early days of the internet (me) . He is a forward thinker.

    Cardano and coinbase crash together

  9. I watched a speech he gave at (I believe it was Harvard) where he stands there and tells the class that we are one generation away from the collective population of whites murdering Americans with asian ancestryGo ahead and try to justify that sort of rhetoric.

  10. IOHK summit is coming in April and looks like they may announce the Shelley network going live on Cardano ADAIt will be PoS long, long before ETH.

  11. Spot on. It’s insane how all the left cares about now is racial nonsense and what group you click with. Dude is a clown and just wants power like every other shitty politician. Don’t give him a single satoshi!

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