Cardano, Iota, Tron Price Projection

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In this video of a Cardano, IOTA and Tron Price projection, I analyze the potential market cap of 100 Billion Dollars and what the valuation of these projects could lead too. Cardano uses IOHK (Input Output) to analyze the technology they are developing. IOTA is using the unique Tangle Ledger, as they introduce sensors, smart energy grid through the Internet of Things. Tron is apart of the Web 4.0 with blockchain applications in the entertainment space.

This is not professional financial advise and do your own research before adding any of these coins to your portfolio.

Cardano, Iota, Tron Price Projection


  1. Man, I respect your choice to call yourself whatever you want in your own videos

    But yikes. Blockchain J. Ugh.

  2. Blockchain J is a joke, ya’llhe’s making fun of every company renaming themselvesBlockchain X.It’s self-deprecating: it’s supposed to be cringy.

  3. tt Yeah, they seem like they have bright futures…. I’ve loaded up on Icon. Personally I don’t know why Tron has so many people emotionally attached to itMaybe the thrill ride up left an indelible markI think it’s a weak investment to be honest, but I’m no expert.

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