Cardano ADA New Wallet, IOHK Summit, Shelley Coming Soon – Cryptocurrency News

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Cardano news and updatesIOHK summit coming soon, light wallet Yoroi lauches , Shelley due in Q1, Emurgo partners with a bank and more!


Cardano (ADA) Publishes Long-awaited Proof of Stake Paper

EMURGO Makes Strategic Investment Into Leading Digital Merchant Bank Y2X Fostering Long Term Partnership

ûntsluting: This is an unpaid review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, opname en it pleatsen foar edukative doelen. furthermore, I hold loads of ADA and I am an ambassador for Cardano.


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Cardano ADA New Wallet, IOHK Summit, Shelley Coming Soon – Cryptocurrency News


  1. As a Cardano follower and investor It’s nice to see a condensed overview of the recent updates to bring others up to speed.
    Well done Lark.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Lark, this recognition is just a THANKS for all the hard work you put for the crypto community. Well appreciated, Keep it up!

  3. +The Crypto Lark I live in Miami so as an enthusiast and investor of this project i look forward to attend (will wait to pay in ADA though) If there is any email that you can provide from the event, i could offer to help them in some other ways if necessary. Because in the web page i couldn’t find any contact info… Nochris tank!

  4. Congrats Larky! 🙂
    I still think Cardano will take another 5 years or so to lay out its fully-functional ecosystem. Their blockchain concept is just way too forward looking and advanced to exist as a single-standing structure, operable by all, for all, in a seamless manner. Mei oare wurden, their project is just too technical and visionary to be realistically implemented in the current blockchain space. You need some sort of resilient infrastructure first.

    My view is that, before Cardano, the necessary milestone will be achieved this year by Polkadot and its Substrate (a blockchain Framework) nei “vetdevelopers for this nascent industry and sustain its accelerated expansion (i.e moving from multiple insulated web 2.0 networks to a friction-less web 3.0 with interoperable chains). Dr Wood has publicly acknowledged that he and his team are planning to integrate Ouroboros in the modules of Substrate in the next few years.

    Sa, yes, Cardano is still in embryo stage, barely kicking. People who are following the project will need a HUGE amount of patience, commitment and consideration before they can see the fruit of their investment. 🙂

  5. 390 bil market cap. No chance. Silver market cap 17-18 bil. We are going down , ico price 0.0024……..

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