Cannabis Stocks Light Up & Starbucks Embraces Bitcoin – BTC & Krypto- News

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsCoinbase is getting serious, High Time magazine to accept crypto for IPO, Starbucks to take Bitcoin, and Wanchain and Vechain updates.


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Northern Trust

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VeChain (VEN) Unveils Drug and Vaccine Traceability Solution For Over 30 Million People

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Cannabis Stocks Light Up & Starbucks Embraces Bitcoin – BTC & Krypto- News

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  1. OMG. Mining TVs. That’s cool. Yup. These alt prices are what I was buying one year ago this month. Long live LNN. Aloha.

  2. A note of clarification: Starbucks will not be accepting Bitcoin at retail outlets, but rather is part of a service helping convert BTC to dollars to spend at its outlets. Still a great development, but don’t expectBitcoin accepted heresigns in Starbucks this year.

  3. Thanks Lark. Is this what the songBlood is on the dance floorby Michael Jackson is about, the state of alts ATM? I think he could see into the future. ☮️🌈🙈

  4. All coins are not created equal. Bitcoin is in a class of its own. For all we know the first generation of altcoins might be 99% trash. POS–not tested yet! No idea why it’s so important to find that winning 1% considering that BTC is the only coin that has passed the test of time and still has room to grow 100x.

  5. Ada is the best Hodl hodl hodl; Charles is my Man love him and his bright vision for the future of Ada

  6. Lark, i’d like to thank the BEARS out there for this opportunity to run through all the coins as Mario Bros did in Nintendo. Accumulate while you still can!!

  7. I’m going to get a miner t.v. for my mother-in-law. I’ll keep the wallet address for security reasons. Lol!

  8. 🙂 Blood on the streets. Walton Chain priceto name but one. 🙂 Who caresHigh times are coming!

  9. for sure, well could be ok for a corp like Starbucks accept BTC, one way to support the network, cannabis, well, if there is benefit to investing in that, why not, then again i myself own a few cannabis stocks and crypto ones too, good work again thanks for doing this, sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos

  10. Might need to point out that the legit you has your name in a grey ellipse?? What a hectic space especially when you start outBUT…. if it seems like easy money then that should sound alarm bells.

  11. Love how happy and bright you always are regardless of thecurrent” merk. I’m here for a long time but it’s nice to tune into you and have a good time along the way!

  12. 9:25 I commented in another Youtube channel about icon being dumped somewhat 2 weeks ago . and so I did it at $1.31 to buy more bnb (I’ll buy it back later as I gain w bnb) which is the bear market coin . and put more on the ones that have an actul use. I like the blockchain tech but I must protect my profits.

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