Cannabis Needs Crypto, Restaurants Adopt BTC, Elastos TV, Petro & Yale – Bitcoin News

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsCanadians Cannabis enthusiasts get shock at border, Restaurants could be a big catalyst for crypto adoption, Elastos TV, Petro required for passports in Venezuela, Yale gets into crypto, and rolls out their cards.

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Yale Crypto

Crypto Funds Hit Hard

Pantera’s Digital Asset Fund Down 72% Yn 2018, Bitcoin (BTC) ‘OnlyDown 50%

Bitcoin Restaurant

How Restaurants Could Help Bitcoin Growth

Bitrefill Bitcoin Burger King

Bitrefill Lets U.S. Consumers Pay for Burger King with Bitcoin

Future Net

FutureNet’s Second Restaurant is open! And it’s FuturoCoin friendly!

Bitcoin Lightning

Bitcoin Ransom

Bitcoin ICO

Sidechains Are Bringing ICOs to Bitcoin And That Might Change Crypto Funding cards

Crypto.Com Will Ship Over 100,000 Crypto Visa Debit Cards in Asia in 2 Months


Venezuela Petro

Canada Cannabis

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Cannabis Needs Crypto, Restaurants Adopt BTC, Elastos TV, Petro & Yale – Bitcoin News

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. GREAT video Lark !!! Elastos is such a groundbreaking project. I believe ELA is a game changer. Cheers

  2. One of the most enlightened vlogs yet. I’m the right high to think of all kind of hook-ups thankx to this 1. I’m gonna do your Liquid. They can also use pot or kush coins +. It’s so much more. My mind is going 100!

  3. It’s crazy I run a consulting firm to teach and start up warehouses for cannabis and now I run a small consulting gig to teach the same companies as well as individuals how to use the blockchain to transfer there funds because all our transactions are trashy Fiat cash crap! So much eaiser to use the blockchain for huge transaction! Crypto and Cronic to the moon!!!

  4. ExactlyBtc Mass adoption starts at home in your local grocery store and coffee shop! Thanks for d great vid Lark! ☕👍

  5. You should have used Litecoin Lark, little bit back Charlie Le said someone moved 99 Mill in Litecoin, fee was 40 cents, took 5 mins, try doing that with a bank.

  6. Ja, it is nuts, I remember that, hell even at an hour for a transaction Bitcoin still beats banks hands down

  7. Thanks crypto lark, great video. Finding your channel and altcoindaily channel very useful and informative, nonbiased sources 🙂 (although biased towards crypto obviously ;))

  8. Awesome content, but scary as well. It’s likefor every 2 steps we go further on a positive crypto note, we go back a step with regard to abuse, governments trying to remain an iron grip, etc. I don’t like saying this but I suspect things are going to get ugly in 4-5 jier (bullshit laws, un-due process, political turmoil over crypto currencies, etc).

  9. Unfortunately Venezuela’s Petro will work out for them because most people in Venezuela has family outside the country that will pay the passport fee to get their loved ones out. Is sad too see the government screw their own people. Thanks for your videos!

  10. Crypto Lark, the issue with Marijuana and the Border is a little different then what you had mentioned. Weed is becoming legal all across Canada this month, and the Americans have said we can not have access if we have bought Marijuana in Canada at anytime.

  11. Love the Intros! Love the Show! Great work boss man! p.s The dougnut shop by my house only has a 4 confirmation policy! lol

  12. Great video and thanks, Checking credit cards is an invasion on privacy and this has to stop. Not checking credit cards for tobacco or alcohol but for cannabis? Of the 3 cannabis actually has health benefits but does not the lobbyist so sad.

  13. Did you eat those medical brownies they get you seeing birds on the internet talking crypto ! what up Lark from Nashville TN!

  14. Hello Crypto Lark!! 🙂
    Regarding debit cards, MNX will be shipping its cards at the end of October! worldwide!!! 🙂

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