Buying Opportunity? Lunyr Cryptocurrency is Blockchain Wiki?

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Lunyr is an exciting new project that we recently found. Their project is currently in the Alpha testing phases, for which you can signup to get access to.

Think of it like Wikipedia on the blockchain, plus the ability to earn tokens for your contributions of articles, as well as for peer reviewing articles on the platform. Dêrneist, advertises can use LUN tokens to purchase advertising space on the site.

Buying Opportunity? Lunyr Cryptocurrency is Blockchain Wiki?


  1. I would recommend doing more research before making a video. Ja, they had an ICO, yes, they have a roadmap, it can easily be found on their blog, yes the tokens will increasebut at only 3% inflation per year, which is very small considering the already minuscule token supply.

  2. LUNIR devs say at 31th of december 2017 : “….the $LUN supply is fixed. We eliminated the plans for an inflation model months ago #Lunyr:” :)))

  3. People here in the comments complained that you promoted this yet it’s around 35$ stabilized now.. lol this is so funny. Good job man, lunyr is gonna be huge

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