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  6. This guy is working the YouTube system. 10 min plus videos with adds imbedded every 2 minuten…mostly babble ramble. Symantec’s….umm uhhh exactlystart out by sayingbduh bduh bduhpossibly slightly, ik tink, they think “so anyway””and also guys” “so with that being said” “essentially what we’re looking at here” hahaha “I’m going to go ahead and talk about that”“so essentially” “and uh you know”

  7. One of the top privacy coins is Deeponion. It uses the TOR protocol that allows users to conduct transactions anonymously on the web. That means no private businesses, institutions and/or individuals are able to trace users information.

  8. Can you place an approximate timeline w predicted BTC prices for the next 10 jier? I realize what a difficult question this could be, yet when told do the math, I wouldn’t know where to start.

  9. This is a real free ride on Now holders of Tether coin will be able to receive 34% from the sum each month free of charge, I mean the sum that is stored at their accounts!

  10. But have you heard of Shitcoin? Its one of the top coins in some category. It runs on nodes or blocks or something I know nothing about.

  11. It’s not the question if, but when the big move will happen..

    Don’t wait with securing your funds, when they’re gone it’s too late. 🔐🔥

  12. 61.8 / 8.16 = august 16 – 6.180 euro (logarhytmus) ……. like gold last yeari predict it …op 16.8 op 11.618 … i came from the future and know it ;)…………..but i have no money to invest ,,,…can someone borrow me 100.000 for a few weeks ,please ?…………… or you wanna get rich without yourangle from heaven “? nee ? rjochts? ….so anybody here who belief me??? haha……”nee” ,i know ,i came from the future ,,,,f#cking idiots …..calll me friday and ask me again ,if i wanna have your money …. if you wanna hear my : “nee”

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