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This week week I am joined by three awesome guests to discuss the crypto markets
Crypto Spark –
Crypto Zombie –
Bitcoin for Beginners –
Come along and join the fun, as always trying to answer as many questions as I can!

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Bitcoin & Crypto Markets, Price & Takomst – Crypto Lark Community Chat


  1. Absolutely love Crypto Larks method of bringing us crypto content! The Lark has inspired me to start my own YouTubeThank You Crypto Lark!!!

  2. the scaleability is solved”…its not about the plain scale of a network. you can scale easily (there are many methods) its about the trade-off/scaleability-trilemma and its not solved. The point is that you can go two ways: etíther going for a compromise (ethereum) or you go for a new experimental way with new topology and algorithm. The Problem is that ethereum is not vitalik..if it was so there would be no problem except of waiting till its done

  3. Hybrid blockchain, i.e. a public and private blockchain rolled into one, is a very interesting concept. Hybrid provides an enterprise-ready blockchain solution that is much better suited to highly regulated enterprises and governments as it enables them to have the flexibility and control over what data is kept private versus shared on a public ledger. XinFin is the first hybrid blockchain and currently the only hybrid blockchain.

  4. Fantastic job guys! Excellent moderation Lark. Great to see you guys mind storming on all of this. High quality fast moving content. Others drag it out with dead space and pointless chatter. Not you. Great take-aways! I appreciate you all.

  5. Great discussion. Crypto Lark, your dedication and inspiration is just lovely to see. You have such a warm and welcoming Crypto space and that’s why people like to collaborate with you! 🙂

  6. 👍 can you have a look into @opetfoundation and give your opinion on education on the blockchain. For it to become part of society then do you agree projects like this need to exist

  7. Great video! For me the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far in crypto is that You can and should apply the same strategies as conventional investing- it’s not on an island by it self.

  8. so did the crypto lark just pickup a random crypto noob with basic answers off the street? lol this guy aint worth nothing lol smh

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