Bitcoin Cash Added To Coinbase Price Surge Coming?

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Bitcoin Cash has now been added to Coinbase. There has already been a surge in value with Bitcoin Cash BCH as the market responds to the big news. Standby for liquidity on GDAX.

Bitcoin Cash Added To Coinbase Price Surge Coming?

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  1. It all makes sense now. The markets were down this morning. Yet the market cap was still going up because the insiders who all got the early tip were moving all their money to bitcoin cash.

  2. granata4 I was thinking the same, Cause Everybody else is doing it to connect to their people more

  3. Nice for bcc. But I won’t be investing because it happens to be available in coinbase. Bcc is an alternative coins and btc is still king imo

  4. It’s cray cray on Coinbasebitcoin cash just jumped from 3100 nei 8400 with in the time I️ was trying to but some a few minutes ago. Before I️ bought It due to the change I️ checked coinmarketcap and It was still sitting at 3500 not 8400. Not sure what’s going on there

  5. A lesson to the newbies. Hold at least a small position or 1 coin of every one in the top 20. They had to do a lot to get there out of the 1,500 other ones and eventually, Coinbase will be aTop 20” list. They will all moon even if they seem overpriced now. Hell, get just one Monero, 1 dash, 50 EOS, etc. And if you have more funds, go for it. The adoption phase of the masses (last week Coinbase was the #1 app on iPhone, and I bet most don’t even have it funded, just watching) sil wêze 2018. This is the year. Alts will be good buys for the next decade if you do your RESEARCH. But don’t miss out on the big performers either. Many didn’t buy Bitcoin Cash at $1,500 because it seemed high. But it wasn’t on Coinbase yet. This will be fun!

  6. I’m seeing some major discrepancies too. Triple checked against Cryptopia which had it above coinmarketcap around 4500. What to believe? I admit I FOMOed a little and forked some ltc into bch, but doing so at the Cryptopia rate seems ok? kinda confused

  7. Chris Rock. It’s alright. There is no way we could have known. Even buying bitcoin cash this morning would have only looked like a smart trade in hindsight. Bitcoin cash was up this morning while most other coins were in the red. That indicates a good buying opportunity for every coin OTHER than bit coin cash. And buying bitcoin cash would have only been on a hunch that gdax was adding it to coin base which still had a great amount of uncertainty to it. Unfortunately because of these trading exchange websites, there is still a centralization of opportunity when investing in a currency that was intended to be, and hopefully will eventually be, the decentralized security technology for all. But that’s us, we’re early *adopters willing to take risk to look for profit. that’s just who we are

  8. Yes I heard that BCH will devalue LTC, so figured would be a good chance to trade some. I noticed the discrepancy between cryptopia and gdax so thought the $4500 rate was in my favor. Poor move in retrospect but fortunately it was a small amount. 🙁

  9. CHANCE CYCLE in my case very new. Wife and I are still learning. Setting up accounts. Trying to do tech analysis. Ect. Figure out what to do and what not to do. It been fun so far though. Made a few small investments. A mining contract. Trying to liquidate some assets as well. Thanks for the kind words. It helps to put things in perspective. Good luck to you.

  10. Yes sir good luck to you as well. This youtube channel has given me some of my best investment tips so you found a nice resource. Altcoin Buzz gives a quick summary of information and will save you a bunch of time from needing to pour over the markets which can quickly consume more time than it’s worth. Good luck to you and your wife. See you on the moon

  11. At this time, Coinbase cannot support Bitcoin Gold because its developers have not made the code available to the public for review. This is a major security risk.

  12. for those people who want some news from iota (its not BRAND new news) but BOSCH signed a partnership with iota.

  13. I was reading up on r/cryptocurrencies and I think there are three vocal opinions that it was either a glitch, the website overwhelmed, or insider trading

  14. I think once BCH goes more mainstream, & more people start using it as currency, the price will soar.

  15. That’s right. Technology has no heart, soul or conscious. It’s here today, gone tomorrow. It doesn’t go back. It goes forward.

  16. If any of you have actually used litecoin you’d know how fast and cheap it is. It’s even more seamless than bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

  17. Little soyboys cheerleaders for Roger Ver will support BTrash to the end, Real grown people will keep investing in Bitcoinno one takes BTrash, there is no infrastructure for BTrash. If Bitcoin collapses then that destroys public trust in all Cryptos and that’s bad for everyone but good for the banks.

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