Ban Bitcoin & Crypto to Protect Investors

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Allianz GI Executive Director calls for the banning of Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies to protect you from getting rich. Another old man yelling at the moon.



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Ban Bitcoin & Crypto to Protect Investors

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. Lark, when we reverse this market I’m gonna buy us some new shirts. You dress like I do. We’re gonna get some fashionable, uncomfortable clothes. Naaaaa……..

  2. Tell that idiot it cannot be stopped, ask China. There is lots of talk that the whales, Banks, the super rich, Allianz, are buying at the bottom, but where is the bottom? No one knows, it could go down to $100: where they are buying at 3k, not even the scum bags know where the bottom is. But weather they buy at $100, $2500, 3k, for them to make serious money, not the lunch money they are making now, the market has to serge sometime, other wise why waste their money, Wait, it’s not their money, they scammed it from the poor, someone is lying. Best for you self, buy now, because you may never be super rich, but you will be rich enough, don’t let these pariahs win.

  3. Allianz as some sort of spin on alliance. mar, alliance with whom?? The globalist banking system that’s who! One of the key aspects of cryptocurrency that indicate to me that its definitely here to stay is the massive and well-coordinated daily attacks on it by theallianceof bankers and financial institutions that are morbidly terrified that the common man will ever hold the keys to his own financial future. Virtually every hit on crypto is carried out for 2 key reasons: Money and time. 1. to knock it down to the lowest possible price so that 2. by the time the traditional bankers have the time to catch up, they would have destroyed the common man’s confidence in it and can buy it all on a song. why else would Amazon and Facebook be diving into the blockchain head first? Why is it that the state of Ohio will now accept Bitcoin for payment of taxes? Why do governments use it as a source to secure voting integrity? why is it that you can buy physical gold with it? The truth is that Bitcoin offers security and integrity, neither of which the global banks understand or care for. Bitcoin also empowers the common man to explore and learn about the blockchain technology and to take the reigns of his own financial future rather than giving them over to bankers.

    Lark, great analogy on thewalled garden” konsept. Very well said.

  4. haha! Reminds me of that old meme pic of governments banning crypto. A gate on the sidewalk, but you can walk on the grass around it. 😂 So when does his logic shut down banks?

  5. Great great great great video Lark. You get me all fired up and someone should burn their play houses to the ground.

  6. He is saying this because he is a very smart man. He can see the future, a future where people won’t need big banks. He is out to protect the institution that grants him power to enslave the masses and live off their time which they swapped for money. He can see his time as the time keeper ending.

  7. You’re right, people lose money in all markets. Ik ferlear 5 dollars in the supermarket once, couldn’t find it anywhere, so I decided to pout and called for a ban of all supermarkets nation wide so that someone else who brings their money to the supermarket won’t take a chance of losing it the way I did. Oddly enough I ended up finding that 5 dollar bill in the wash and got sentenced to prison for money laundering.

  8. I very much doubt he gives a damn if people lose money or not. He only want it banned because it threatens their current business models.

  9. Shipping off to basic tomorrow. No phone for 2 moannen. (I’ll be liking your videos in spirit). Keep up the great work my guy <3

    And yes. I will be DCA-ing into BTC for my 5 jier

  10. Bitcoin of course can never be banned…… “oaren”…with centralised nodes/authorities, fansels, can begot at”.

  11. By any chance did the director give any advice on how to ban Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Smarter minds have already spoken on the matter and no one wants to listen to them anymore.

  12. It is the governments responsibility to give each and everyone a JOB , even the simplest job like a street sweeper … Yn feite, there are Billions of jobs available all over the world, but the problem is, we dont want to give it to other people. we have created a society that is to each for himself.

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