Bakkt To Launch BITCOIN Futures Today! BITMEX in Trouble

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Bakkt launches its beta today and it could be huge! Mattie is also looking into illicit bitcoin transactions and the fact that fiat money outpaces btc 800:1 when it comes to money laundering. He is also giving you the latest from BitMEX and all the difficulties they are currently facing as well as a Bitconnect promoter who has been arrested in India. Facebook's Libra is also soaring in China in terms of interest, new data shows.
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Fiat Money Outpaces #Bitcoin 800:1 for Money Laundering: Melde

#bakk Starts Testing #bitcoin Futures Today #cryptocurrency

Bakkt Begins Beta Launch on July 22, Analysts Expect It Could be Huge – Here’s Why So

BitMEX Seems to Be in Trouble *Ideally US citizens should close their accounts and withdraw funds*

BitMEX Seems to Be in Trouble, Wer

Bitconnect Promoter Arrested in India

Web Search Data Indicates Soaring Interest for Facebook Libra in China

Web Search Data Indicates Soaring Interest for Facebook Libra in China


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Bakkt To Launch BITCOIN Futures Today! BITMEX in Trouble

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