Australian Encryption BillTerrorism, Sharks, & Decentralization

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Australia is working on degrading civil liberties at home and abroad with their new encryption law, time for decentralizaed solutions.



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Australian Encryption BillTerrorism, Sharks, & Decentralization

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  1. If this comment gets 100 likes

    It means we all love Crypto Lark! 😊💙💚💛💜❤

  2. Absolutely true. Unfortunately Australians like every other privilegedfreenation don’t seem to care. The disinterested will get what they deservea totalitarian government.

  3. Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security, Deserve NeitherBen Franklin.
    I still can’t believe this law exists. Numbers Lark the numbers never lie. Well done brother. Punishment is the only use for such an incredible tool.

  4. The government rushed these measures through Parliament super quietly. Unfortunately so many people are mindless sheep that never truely question a governments true intentions. The question is; how do you wake up a sheep?

  5. Revoking citizenship was only going to be used against terrorists so far no terrorists revoked or returning jihadist fighters but plenty of bikie gang members and NZ fine defaulters have.

  6. You nailed this one Crypto Lark! This law completely stunned me. Although I have come to expect bad stuff from the PTB, this is on another level. How the hell did this get passed!? Funny how the amendments were rushed through on the last day of parliament before Christmas!! When will the public stand up to this crap, there has to be a limit surely?!

    Ironic how they need/want to see EVERYTHING we do under the guise of security, yet they get to keep their encryption/security.

    A backdoor to encryption is no longer secure and WILL be exploited, not only by hackers but the government themselves. They have already abused the Terrorism laws multiple times for events not even closely related to Terrorism. At best they will be incompetent and screw something up causing mass havoc with peoples data.

    And remember, they passed the Law that if anyone exposed corruption inside the government gets 10 jier!! 10 freaking years!! This sounds like Stalinist Russia or North Korea, not sunny AustraliaShe’ll be right mate!?

    I see the war between Decentralised solutions and governments trying to regulate/kill/make illegal such innovations. Aren’t the governments supposed to be FOR the people????

    At the next stop, I want to get off please.

  7. Looks like us Aussies had better get our yellow vests ready then!!! This is a shocking development. 😢

  8. Why dotheyfeel they need to control society anyway.. we know right from wrong.. as if they have nothing better to do. The power should remain with the people.. the govs should serve the people! We need to change their frame of thought.. a swift slap on the backside!

  9. Good work again TCL! And people still really think they are free. I’ve always said there there really is no such thing as Privacy anymore! TCL as you know Terrorism is all caused by States, the Western States that is!!! Remember Mass weapons of Destruction? They meant Mass weapons of Deception. 9-11 was the Catalysts to all what we see worldwide and from there all we see is false flag attacks everywhere. I also believe the Powers that shouldn’t be are now really panicking and doing everything they can to cement that control over all of us and in the process they doing things in haste and now it’s even overly obvious to anyone who can think that the future is not lucking good. They know a lot more people are starting to question the Status Quo and that ‘s why we got revolutions happening in France and hopefully in many other places too. No doubt there is a shift in consciousness happening all over the World. We just gotta put our differences aside and stick together and fight for our freedoms!

  10. The world is in an absolute battle over power more than ever before. Gives me chills when hearing of the insane things they try to pull on us. We need to decentralize and build a fair world.

  11. I’m in Australia and it’s getting very easy to get convicted for something if your not careful. New legislation can be approved overnight for Virtually anything. Yes there pushing the terrorism scam . It’s fear mongering. Virtually everything is becoming a crime. Man I could probably get arrested for this post .

  12. Thanks so much for alerting me this Lark!
    I’m so surprised i haven’t heard a single thing about this in Australia, I believe it’s a massive invasion of privacy.

  13. Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.Benjamin Franklin … the video Lark, keep’em comming.

  14. Good Rant Lark.Think Australia should look into their poisonous spiders those are hell on you…lol….Can you say world govs are scared of privacy and decentralization. No profits no power. One way to fight is just don’t buy into the new house new car new everything hogwash find alternatives.

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