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Aergo ICO is aiming to build an enterprise ready adaptable blockchain to enable the easy deployment of blockchain. Aergo is being launched by Blocko, a Korean blockchain tech company with amazing customers and partners.

ûntsluting: This is an unpaid review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, opname en it pleatsen foar edukative doelen.
furthermore, after considerable research I have decided to invest in this project.

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BINANCE = 10192350
KUCOIN = 18a8f

Ledger nano S
TREZOR = Aw902Rsted

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AergoNext Generation Blockchain Tech


  1. Hey lark, was that you posting on hedera hashgraph telegram today? If not someone’s using your pic and your handle chief

  2. Nee, it was not me, at any given time there are about 5-7 scammers pretending to be me on Telegram, it is a crazy situtation.

  3. We still never deployed on blockchain 3.0 and we talk about the 4th generation! Plus they are trying to solve what 3rd generation is trying to solve..
    The Cryptocurrency space is becoming so confusing :/

  4. The Crypto Lark crazy…. yeah didn’t sound like youwhat’s wrong with people hey!

  5. Frankly this sounds like an awesome play in a bull market. But the educated side of me thinks we’re still in a hardcore bear cave and they’re just taking a moment to let volatility increase again. Adjust timelines!

  6. I just create some tokens by putting my name on it (ERC20) It is Bchain 10.0 Buy so 5.0 is irrelevant 🙂

  7. Another good video Lark! But for me this project seem to do something similar with the Nuls one. Nuls are already a third gen blockchain with a main net able to do 15 000 transaction by second with some good parthnership! Seem to me that Aergo will deliver way to late

  8. It would really suck if a company begins moving their network over to what they believe will suit them best only to find out later or too late of blockchains such as Aergo exist. I still don’t fully understand the Kin token XLM/ETH thing. Great lesson Lark. Aloha.

  9. Time will show how they apply their connections and skills into reality…. Need to set up reminder on December to check out their progress 😉. Thank you for your diligence 💪👍

  10. Tip for covering these next generations. Highlighten what makes it different from the previous gen. This one sounded just like all other protocols out there.

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