ACORN’S INVESTING BEST FEATURE! – Not Even Robinhood Has This!

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Keapje, ferkeapje, Wat moat dien wurde?

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Graach oanmelde en lykas, It helpt in protte.
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Robinhood Main-side:

Acorns Download Links:

IOS: = 8

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Acorns Main-side:

IK BIN YN NO WAY A MARKET PROFESJONEEL; USE Dyn eigen oardiel By oankeap fan Stocks EN Oars. Ik bin net ferantwurdlik foar EN Gains OR ferliezen datstû belibje.

De merk IS djip risikofolle, EN Jo moatte allinne ynvestearje wat jo Folslein wolle BJUSTER.

ACORN'S INVESTING BEST FEATURE! – Not Even Robinhood Has This!


  1. I am kind of interested in stocks with higher div/yield as an investment, I found some stocks that having high div/yield like TCRD, PSEC, NEWT, NYMTwhat’s your opinion to go for such deals . Thanks in advance 👊🏻

  2. M1 Fiance will automatically invest your dividends once the total reaches $10 also no monthly charge till $1000 after still cheaper than acorns

  3. +T3h Ghost thanks for letting me know! I learn something new every day.

  4. Ethan PMTZRP glad you’re interested in stocks. I’m somewhat new myself but if I have realized anything after trial and error and hours of research it’s that the higher the dividend yield the riskier it is. Sometimes when the dividend yield is too high, it becomes too hard to maintain over time. Businesses can fail like this. I would recommend that you go for dividends invetween 3-6%. Of course the riskiness of those dividends depends on what you’re actually investing in such as REITs or bonds

  5. Betterment has automatic dividend reinvestment as well. Could you please look into betterment and do a review about betterment?! Dankewol

  6. The Other Leaguers I have noticed as well. I got 1 share with PSEC just to see how it’s going and they paid their divine on time and the share value doing well at the same time 👊🏻 thanks sharing your experience

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