MUST WATCH: 3 Reasons Why ETHEREUM see new ALL TIME HIGHS [Cryptocurrency, Altcoins, Bitcoin]

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Hello Crypto Community!
Let's talk about the latest Ethereum. Things get real!!

Today I want to talk about:

BitMEX CEO Calls Ethereum a Shitcoin, Says Ether (ETH) Price Under $100

Investors Try To Reason Why ETH Is Capitulating So Heavily

Ethereum Tumbles 17%, Investors Blame It On An ICO Sell-Off

DAPP Capitulation:

Plasma Cash: new Scalability solution for the Ethereum Network



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***Not financial advice. Just opinion. Use this channel as a starting off point.

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MUST WATCH: 3 Reasons Why ETHEREUM see new ALL TIME HIGHS [Cryptocurrency, Altcoins, Bitcoin]

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. BitMex CEO bashing ETH, yet that’s the same guy who claimed BTC would see 50k this year which would counter his opinion that ETH will go under 100$
    Def wouldn’t take his word for anything. However i do agree there are issues with Ethereum.

  2. It will definitely be overtaken in the future. All newer projects and technologies in general have an inherent advantage of solving the issues of they’re predecessors.
    With blockchain and this coin market being so new and really un-adopted/developed, there is alot of room for improvement & better projects.

  3. I usually agree with everything you say except for this subject. I think it might pump short term but I think ETH is a dying entity for several reasons. Some call it FUD but I call them reality. I’m buying XRP, XLM, ADA, EOS, and C20 which is an index of the top 20. Thanks for the great info

  4. Altcoin Daily yea me too. I dont think it will die I just think all the projects will move to something scalable

  5. I definitly have faith in ETH…!! Your reasons pretty much lines up to min aswell. Besides Viper I had no idea abt so thanks for that bit of info.

  6. I started off with 70% eth portfolio but slowly growing other assets instead. I still like it, but the same as I like LTC or dash. Just to make a quick buck in the near future but I don’t believe it’s the future anymore. Hoping ADA and VET will be.

  7. One reasone why i don’t invest in Ethereum is that is does not have stated Maximum Supplywhich means they can create as many ETH as they wantand just thinking logically if the demand for EHT will finish and they will be creating new coins it’s value will drop. I will consider investing in ETH only once they will approve MAX supplyjust saying 🙂

  8. Thanks for this video, I hold some etherium and hope for a big future and am willing to wait. I believe in the people behind eth. Take care and happy cryptoing.

  9. Check out it’s an absolutely amazing and exciting project! Get involved! I guarantee you it’s not a scam or a ponzi scheme.

  10. andrew munz funny I was just talking about that with my butcher today….good one Andrew! btw my butcher told me proof of steak goes well with a bloody market….lol

  11. Stellar illuminate One can’t underestimate ETH,even though it is a victim of its own success right nowwhich is a quality problem! It will scale,just a matter of time,it has an established Brand,and it has Vitalik Buterin ( a genius ). Just look at coimarketcap and see how many projects are build on top of it compared to the competition….it has fierce competition but will remain top 5 for a very long time once it scales…. if it is still #2 after all its issues, it will do very well once they are resolved!! imho.

  12. @altcoin daily well said. ETH is having a big correction. ETH has the most Solidity developers. ETH has also GAS that you spend. Therefore you need ETH to run the dApps. Yes just like a car all will need to use ETH to run the car. Therefore the price will only increase. Oh and also yes thats right. ETH is fixed alsomeaning after it’s all minedthe price will skyrocket! 10 000 $ before 2020

  13. There is a piece of the pie reserved for devs in almost every ICO. Even if the market is low the money came from supporters. If they sell low they can still walk away with money that they didn’t contribute. But who really knows? How can we know for sure?

  14. 100% agree…. BUTPHX is next. Will crush ETH/EOS and ADAPHX is the next level in this next bull rundont miss out suckers

  15. they have just launched a new product called the vault where you store either ETH or ARB. You only pay a 2% entrance fee which gets divided as rewards for current shareholders. And there is no fee to withdraw and your captial is never locked. You should really get involved it’s going to moon very soon.

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  21. No more ethereum will be created when it moves to proof of stake. I’m mining it until it stops being a proof of work.

  22. +Jc Kicks ha not bad. I meant it genuinely. I’m not a fan of ETH Classic, but I genuinely mean good luck.

  23. Ethereum is next Google/Apple and minimum 100x in 10 years period… (I’m talking about technology and fundamentals I don’t care about market pump and dump)

  24. D Based Thanks for the following! I’m Jonny Mark from Los Angeles California and I’m a professional forex trader and Bitcoin miner. I love networking with new people, let me know if you ever want to talk forex or learn how make money anytime, and you my friend where are you from?

  25. Lol, ethereum could be worth $13 oan 'e ein fan it jier. Ethereum to the moon after the hard fork! $256 op 5 Sep. Vitalik was right all the way.

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