Daily Crypto News: Google FUD, Playboy Partners Vice Industry Token, Bitmain to America

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Daily Crypto News: Google FUD, Playboy Partners Vice Token, Bitmain to America.

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DISCLAIMER: Dit is net finansjeel advys! Dit is in ferdivedaasje en de mieningsfoarmjende basearre show. I am not a financial advisor. Please allinnich ynvestearje wat jo kinne betelje ferlieze, en wy moedigje jo te dwaan dyn eigen ûndersyk foardat ynvestearret.

Daily Crypto News: Google FUD, Playboy Partners Vice Industry Token, Bitmain to America


  1. Great content as usual!! Where does your experience come from, were you an analyst for other markets??

  2. I got to say I like all your videos you guys have a real talent at adding encouragement and positivity to the subjects that you talked about. This video so far is your best. You kind of gave your audience what they needed to hear and you did it by telling the truth. You are talented bunch of guys keep it up Rockstar

  3. homie!!! you have been rocking with us hard for a while now. As you can tell we feel strongly about this space, and as others grow tired of the charts underperforming, we will continue spreading high quality information about blockchain. Dit, we feel, is the true way to fight FUD and grow the crypto community.

  4. I really like your stand for long term hold..Great time to buy!! Great channel, keep the good honest advice.. cheers

  5. WARNING TO THOSE WHO BOUGHT VICE VIT TOKENS – út de 26,000 ETH that the Vice ICO raised, 20,000 ETH belongs to ONE accountif that is not a red flag I don’t know what is. Be warned that the company behind Vice could be the ones fraudulently pumping up their own ICO to make it seem successful when it is notIf it is them or not, what is for certain, you dont want to have tokens that are 80-90% opwned by one account. I recommend you do not Claim and go through the REFUND ETH processes. (You can get a refund on the ETH you put in to the sale)… There have been a number of red flags on this one, from suppoman, to threats, and the amount of ETH put into the ICO by one account (which was divided into 2 accounts and then put into Viceprobably to try to hide it from most investors)… You have been warned.

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