Daily Crypto News: Google Blockchain? Suppoman vs. faluta, PBoC loves Bitcoin, Binance Japan

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Daily Crypto News: Google Blockchain? Suppoman vs. faluta, China PBoC loves Bitcoin!

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Daily Crypto News: Google Blockchain? Suppoman vs. faluta, PBoC loves Bitcoin, Binance Japan


  1. Hey man I am a fan of the FUD TV channel. I was wondering if you can do a video on IHT Real Estate Protocol? You said in the last live show you were going to take a look at it and wanted to know what your thoughts on it are.

  2. I would never ever invest a penny into Google Blockchain because you buy 1000 coins one day and next day Google changes the rules and say it’s only 100 coins instead of 1000 or they say that you can’t sell them any more or other crap. Google does such thing on a daily base with their so called YouTube partners (hahahapartners …). I would never invest into centralized, controlled and manipulated cryptocurrency.

    thank you for the great info in few min.
    Crypto for the next 2 years it is and will be WILD WEST
    that’s way best time to invest is know…..
    keep with the great job

  4. Any thought about the monero’s fork? Will it be interesting in future as having lots of FUD before launching?

  5. FUDtv, love the news topics, analyses and exposures 🙂 you really one of the best channels, greatings from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  6. Love the fast talk man. It’s one of the things that sets you apart from other channels.

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