CryptoNews: EOS Constitution, Coinbase Charity, EOS Airdrops Alerts, Tron on Pornhub [Bitcoin News]

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CryptoNews: EOS Constitution, Coinbase Charity, EOS Airdrops Alerts, Tron on Pornhub [Bitcoin News]


  1. Why do you think Binance still have the EOS tokens locked so we can’t withdraw our tokens. Is it because they want to get the free airdrops?

  2. Decentralization is more important than scale-ability…. Our current financial system should be an example of why decentralization is important.

  3. I agree with the whales manipulating the market. I think these whales are in China. If you look at BTC trading volume, you will see a Chinese crypto exchange in 3rd place. Where did they come from as I thought China banned trading cryto? With China warming up to crypto, I wouldn’t be surprised if they drive down BTC prices to buy alt coins on the cheap. Just a hunch.

  4. EOS is addressing the issues that have prevented me from becoming an investor up to this point.

  5. Kelly Lynne Peterson for some of them. You still have opportunities for more though out the year. You have to hold at least 100 eos tho in a wallet.

  6. Ok thanks, I just bought a nano ledgerso if I move them there, then what do I do? Register somewhere?

  7. Lmao Eos. So bro you believe in 1 guy and you dont know nothing about him beside the hype they gave you? You should do some research my friend, he is not what you think he is. You’re starting to loose alot of credibility here

  8. Did you check out Nebulas? There mainnet launch had no problems and its rates to be the best ecosystem in blockchain 3.0.

  9. woopit 01 I’ve done my research. Always up for learning more. If you have an article to share I’d love to check it out.

  10. Imo EOS can survive pretty much anything. It’s as strong as Litecoin, Ethereum and the rest of the top. Even if it drops to 4$ tomorrow someone will pick it up. Too many investors in it with big wallets.

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