CryptoNews (09/08/18): Half Of American Millennials Are Open To Using Cryptocurrency

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Ja! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about:

Goldman Sachs CFO: Recent Reports About Crypto Trading Desk Are ‘Fake News’


Binance CEO: We Have ‘No Plans for IPO

Half Of American Millennials Are Open To Using Cryptocurrency

Half of American Millennials are Open to Using Cryptocurrency

30% of LinkedIn’s 2018 Top Startups Are Crypto Companies

30% of LinkedIn’s 2018 Top Startups Are Crypto Companies

Trump’s New SEC Hire Boosts Possibility of Bitcoin ETF

Do you agree with my reasoning? Give me your thoughts?


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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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CryptoNews (09/08/18): Half Of American Millennials Are Open To Using Cryptocurrency

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  1. Cryptocurrency adoption will come with vendor adoption. We already have cryptocurriences linked to credit cards, but those are easy for government(s) to shut down. We need vendors looking for crypto currency to be used at their locations.

  2. I dont know, the weak hands get shaked out and I get to buy more Crypto. To be honest we were all waiting for lows before the bullrun again and when we get to those everyone is too scared to buy

  3. Hahaha! You digressindeed! Thanks for reading the fine print on that survey. Too many people don’t take the time and just report a headline, so many of which are misleading on the surface. As always, I appreciate your video.

  4. My feeling, is going down. How much, only God Knows, but what I been reading lately from most, is going down, but I also believe that we could be at 20K BTC by year end, maybe more we’ll see. Trump new appointee to the SEC is Awesome, and I think that Our President MR. Donald Trump is for Crypto Currencies. Getting more Vendor adoption is What We NEED, Peace & Love to Everyone.

  5. Definetly agree with you. When LTC is back to its all time highs people will cryohhh i didnt get in at 50$ why didnt i knew about ltcand next time it goes back to 50$ right after that they will do the same mistake and not buy.

  6. Well I like my dollars and I like micro currency I rather except dollars on a job versus crypto currency at the present moment because of the end of the day I convert my crypto into cash so cash is king

  7. My other comment would be that crypto is got a long way to go there is not enough infrastructure to actually only accept crypto you need tach there’s places you go even in the United States that you don’t get any Internet or phone signal with that being said it’s kind of hard to just accept crypto currency and try to spend it at the same time

  8. Who cares if BTC drops to $5k ..its only a 12% drop from here ..then a potential to rally to New ATH’s like a catapult ..The FOMO will be huge when it runs..

  9. Your videos gives me mental stability. We like higher lows on BTC. Bullish sign, the market is still active. In two years u’ll be talkin about btc’s higher low at 15k$. 😂 Continue uploadingreat stuff

  10. Why do we call it a correction? Isn’t the price drop solely because of the whale shortsellers? I don’t think we should call it shortselling.
    Satoshi Nakamoto should of made btc impossible to sell short. How? Idk, but shortselling is halting the innovation of crypto. Can ETH be shorted?

  11. I see what you are saying, but I guessa correctionis just a way positive way to saya dip”. But corrections are a healthy part of any market.

    Once Eth future trading starts the price will be able to be manipulated.

  12. Don’t trust Business Insider! Too many media outlets picked up their fake story without confirming it first.

  13. Thanks for keeping the content flowingit is so reassuring. Other Youtuberscontent seems to dry up when the market is tanking.

  14. I think bitcoin go back up to $6700 in the next few days
    I think it wont be until November to hit above $10,000

  15. Few weeks ago I discovered project with huge potential, project with REAL development and vision. The project name is Lumeneo Network that soon will introduce the Elera sidechain, the project is still under the radar and the founders want to compete the development before applying for new exchanges and start marketing. What do you think about the project?

  16. ☘️☘️I absolutely agree with all the cOmments ☘️☘️what people forget is how much Bitcoin was during 2017!!! Let’s take a look at April .. 1349..May 2328June 2504July 2873August 4764…spetimber 4349!!!!!! Have you all forgotten? Bitcoin/Blockchain /Crypto Currency is the new revolution which will transform all our lives .. especially our children ..grandchildren etcTIME everyone .. be Patient ☘️☘️☘️just think how long it took for the Internet to become part of our daily lives (20 odd years!!) also Amazon !! Who would have thought how we all order on this site now … wit ik 20 years ago I wouldn’t have entertained it!!!!

  17. Oops pressed wrong button☘️☘️good luck good health and wealth to us alland finally never invest more than you can afford to lose ☘️☘️☘️💚💚

  18. +Crypto Granny exactly. If we look at btc, 2 jierren lyn. Btc had a value of ~630$. Not too bad at all with a 10x increase by todays value. People on especially Reddit & Telegram whine so much about crypto is kind of dead. I get blind about how volatile this market is sometimes. But lets zoom in, zoom out and lets breath. Still a young market. Lets be thankful for the opportunity to become early adopters. The majority dosent even know about cryotocurrency (yet 👅😎). I am chill.

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