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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
Today I wanted to talk about what it will take to get cryptocurrency mass adoption. Besides Bitcoin, what cryptos will take us there? Ethos? Ethereum? Electroneum? Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash? Or something else?

To go along with that, I wanted to share with you a snapshot of the most popular internet websites from 1991-1994. See what websites took the internet to mass adoption.

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  1. ETN possibly, but let’s wait and see what the new patent is they have in the next 48 oeren.

  2. Yeah let’s see. What is ETN’s plan after the simulated mining is over? Just become a digital form of payment and such?

  3. Before mass adoption, alt coin needs to be separated from bitcoin. Nobody would invest in highly manipulated market that crashes every other day with almost no way out even though investors invested in good project.

  4. I think exchanges and main platforms that can out do eth are going to win this year over, but like you said as soon as we get adoption I can see other cryptos exceeding, keep up the videos and congrats and 2k already

  5. Trading bots across the board is def making these coins drop. I noticed that some coins seem to be immune to the trading bots. Or because the price action they push it up too. The algorithms used are having many overlaps as they are trading very similar.

  6. Problem with zooming out is that many people entered market 2017 and the scope is micro

  7. i think omisego has the most potential plasma is going to change everything i see omisego being at 10k or more within 10 years maybe less

  8. It’ll still be a full blockchain, so that’ll be around for a few decades for people to still earn coins. But yeah the goal is to become the cryptocurrency payment solution for mobile operators and those without bank accounts. Richard also hopes that it will inspire entrepreneurialism for people in 3rd world countries to accept ETN for other goods and services. But that’s what every coin should strive for; to become a crypto *currency*


  10. I think idiot proof companies, easy spending/withdrawal & high level of security will get mass adopted fastest. All these hacks & complicated transactions are scaring people off.

  11. I want to hear your opinion, that which particular crypts have the potentioal of x100 in 2018. just want to hear opinion only
    it is intersting.

  12. Appreciate that. I’ve been kinda staying away from low cap coinsjust because everyone is scared of them. But look at some of my videos from a few weeks ago.

  13. ETN, will be the 1st Mass adopted coin, the mobile miner will be key, i have to say somethingeverybody in the crypto space, fan or not a fan of etn, should root for etn to succeed, WHY? Omdat, if Etn get mass adopted, with the big community etn, and has partnerships to grow even bigger, as & when it do get mass adopted, even if you don’t own one coin of etn, other coins gonna go up in value alot, i mean substantially!!! Because etn, will certify the crypto space, for ever!!!

  14. ltc charlie lee recently tweeted the same. he knows the future is about getting ppl to actually use the coin.

  15. i don’t personally see how crypto will change the world similar to the internet. Feel free to explain how?

  16. if they can get a better dev team….mobile miner is great but they have clowns on the dev team….

  17. they just added a new one
    Electroneum is pleased to announce that Andre Patta is joining the team to focus on the development of our blockchain technology.

    Andre has a huge amount of experience as a corporate software engineer working with companies such as Ericsson, and has spent much of his time in recent years working on the interaction of decentralised technology with the financial sector. He has worked extensively with the blockchain technologies of Ethereum and Monero, and the skills he has developed will be invaluable to us as we ensure that our blockchain is fully ready for mass adoption.

    We have been highly impressed with Andre’s contributions to the project as a member of the community and are delighted that he has agreed to become a fully fledged member of the Electroneum team. As well as assisting and advising our blockchain development, his role will involve liaising with the community from a technology perspectiveimproving our transparency on that front by holding a continuous dialogue with our passionate contributors, goudsikers, holders and traders.

    This is a community project, and working with Andre we are looking forward to involving our community more closely in the technological development of Electroneum. The dialogue we establish will predominantly take place through the Reddit community as well as on GitHub, and we are also looking at creating a new section of our website specifically for technological discussion.

  18. May I suggest using Crypto Kiosks as 21st century Money PRINTING MACHINES. It would cause non tech savvy users to use it. Physical Crypto cash can be Receipts just like cash came about originally. The crypto cash should have a 1-3 month EXPIRY DATE along with barcode, QR code and other necessary Human readable relevant information. Great channel. Mass Adoption is needed.

  19. Want to be the first to have a coin used by mainstream then there is only 1 company checking all boxes – feiligens, duorsumens, scalability and speed = DASCOIN (DASC) on open exchanges april 27 with its DasPay launching June 30. DasPay will allow payments for goods and services with 60mill merchants around the world. Exchanges dascoin (DASC) into any fiat currency with a 6sec point of sale transaction. CEO Brian Semkiw of Carta Worldwide Visa/MC created the payment system for Vodaphone, Uber and ApplePay and is has exclusively partnered with Dascoin to bring DasPay to mainstream. Dascoin blockchain technology can be viewed on GitHub. DasEcosystem is a consortium blockchain at 100,000tps and their webwallet and exchange is the next level of security which requires a validator (partnered with Ledger) to move currencies. Q2 the crypto world and mainstream unite.

  20. Electroneum will succeed in getting mass adopted imo. Doing so will bring further adoption and knowledge of other Cryptos. Great vid. Cheers

  21. CEO Michael Mathias has truly created a currency of trust. Compliance, regulations and transparency are a must for a coin to go mainstreamlike it or not. It is the only way to get gov’t and regulators on board and thecrypto worlddoesnt even know its coming because there was no pre ICO. They built it and its complete with scalability to 100,000tps.

  22. MrDemonB there are live zooms covering much of the company and its current partnerships. Happy to fwd if you would like to DM. When DASC hits the open market there is going to be quite a shake up as such I will be liquidating many of my other altcoins.

  23. I logged in to say exactly that. Without bitcoin independence this market is nothing but trash.

  24. Since you mentioned that many times for a new technology to get adopted it goes through the gaming industry first, Unikoin Gold is an esport betting platform you can possibly deep dive into.

  25. Happy Chasers HD because I talk about Unikoin Gold. Great buying opportunity, at this moment.

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