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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
Give this video a chance. Remember this when the market is down again.

I think it's important to promote positive idea's within our crypto community. That's why I wanted to share this. This guy's post rings true to me. Please visit the original here:

Why I’m not worried, and you shouldn’t be either fan CryptoCurrency

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Successful cryptocurrency investors have patience. Learn from this post guys. I hope you make a lot of money!

***Not financial advice. Just opinion.



  1. Great video my man. Very inspirational and motivating…… I am so happy with my positions, bought the dips and I know this will give me 10-100x gains over the long run!!! Then I’ll take profit and reinvest!

    Question: When we go on a bull run, will you make videos on when to take profit / buy back in??? I’m new to the game and haven’t had that opportunity yet, but I do acknowledge it as the way to be successful.

  2. Good Question. Maybe some of the more experienced folks can chime in too. For me personally: Case by Case basis..but usually I take profits with 20%-50% then sometimes reinvest at the correction. And sometimes I will sell 90%-100% off because I’m looking at other opportunities

  3. Altcoin Daily Can you do a video dedicated to that subject? Ive been trying to figure this out for myself

  4. I think there’s no particular rule to follow, you just need to use some common sense. For small altcoins (bellow 100) those can drop way more than bigger ones, but at the same time they can bring you bigger and faster gains. In that case I think the smartest idea would be to sell everything or keep 10 % just in case something weird happens (big announcement, major changes). lykwols, there are somestrongaltcoins that got completely murdered these days (Cardano, Stellar, Populous, EOS), so I don’t really know what to tell you.

  5. I sold at the exact top. I was sitting at the computer thinkingthere’s no damn way that people are going to keep buying at over twenty grand per Bitcoin and this chart is just to parabolicI kept second guessing myself because I almost sold at 17,000 and it kept going and going, it was mind blowing. Since the top I have quadrupled my money by buying major panic and then riding it back up. I’ve made a few mistakes here and there but overall I’ve done very well. The only thing that I can say is that markets can go much higher than you will expect but sell when markets are at extreme levels of enthusiasm and then be very patient, don’t buy back in if you sell too early because they will eventually come back down. Patience is the key.

    As far as buying the bottom goes, I keep missing these latest bounces but I still don’t think Bitcoin has bottomed yet, I’m thinking that bottom will be between 3100 en 5500 so that’s where I will start buying back in..

    Good luck and be patient, markets take from the impatient and give to the patient..

  6. Excellent Video bud, one of my favorites and I’ve been watching all of the big ones for well over a year.

  7. The main thing is to take your origanol investment out so that you are only playing with profit. It makes it much easier to manage. I would do something like this, take out your original investment and then 30% of the remainder 3 times to allow for the market to go much higher if it does..

  8. Snide 2 thanks man. Good info and good to know. Your exact strategy is what I’m thinking and trying to adopt. EG. NEO 12 months ago 0.12c, peaked at $190 then retraced to $49…. massive swing…. if you get it right you will be minted!!! That’s what I’m looking for….

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