Crypto Winter Over ? Litecoin Catalysts for Rally? , Talking Horizen !

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This week the New Kids On The Blockchain are coming to you from Los Angeles with all the latest crypto and blockchain news.

In Featured Projects we chat to Rolf from Horizon about how they are 'Bringing Privacy To Life' on the blockchain.

We also announce the winner of our Buddy’s Blockchain Giveaway Bitmonds competition from last week and we also share some other exciting news.

👉News Roundup 👈

👉From CCN Bitcoin Nears $4,100 as Tokens Gain 20%; Industry Execs Say Crypto Bottom’s In

The valuation of the crypto market rose by $1.5 billion overnight as the bitcoin price closed on $4,100 and a handful of tokens recorded gains in the range of 10 prosint oan 25 prosint.

👉From CCN Is the Bitcoin bottom in ?

Bitcoin could avoid a large retrace to the $3,500 region if it can continue to climb up in the $4,000 en $5,000 range and a growing number of traders have begun to forecast a gradual climb to key resistance levels.

👉From Report: 87% of Crypto Exchanges May Be Falsifying Volume

Teminsten 87 percent of cryptocurrency exchanges may have falsified their reported trade volumes, a new study claims. According to a review of the top 100 exchanges by analytics company The Tie, most of the trading volume on the world’s largest crypto trading platforms is suspect.

👉From CCN Litecoin Price Doubles in 2019: 5 Cataylsts Fueling the Rally

The fifth-biggest coin, which is currently trading at $60.75, has benefitted from a few high-profile partnerships inked by Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, not to mention a push toward confidential transactions.

The five reasons are cited for possible rally are:

5. Litecoin Halving

👉From The Wall Street JournalBitcoin Is in the Dumps, Spreading Gloom Over Crypto World

Bitcoin is in the longest slump of its 10-year history. That is forcing even its most ardent supporters to shelve dreams of global disruption and focus on simply tightening their belts long enough to outlast the downturn.


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Crypto Winter Over ? Litecoin Catalysts for Rally? , Talking Horizen !


  1. Privacy is so important. Coins without it will fail in the future as it’s all about fungibility.

  2. I hope this crypto winter is over its been going on for way too long and people are losing faith

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