Crypto Rally? Tron Mainnet LIVE! McAfee Fiat? Bottos, Waltonchain, Iconomi, BitBay, TheKey, Binance

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Crypto Rally? Tron Mainnet LIVE! McAfee Fiat? Bottos, Waltonchain, Iconomi, BitBay, TheKey, Binance


  1. John MacAfee is a legendCreating, inventing and being a first in providing technology…. love him or hate him, you gotta admire his passion

  2. McAfee is a damn hypemaker obviously) and there should be a 1000 note with Andreas Antonopolous on it! othervice the whole idea is nothing))

  3. lol Agnes Water. Just south of my hometown. ‘everythingcan be bought with digital currency, including their main green ‘cash crop’.

  4. I have been sitting on some TRX, just trying to flip it for a 20-30% come up……damn. lykas 15% down on that brilliant plan. I’ll give it few more daysI was watching that livestream as well….all the Chinese talking put me to sleep. lol. I was hoping to sell Tron at .10 of .11 cents, but now I’m hoping to get back to .07……On a brighter note, I was able to grab some Morpheus Network for .44cents, and that seems to be cooperating a bit morekeep it real, FUDnation. **PS the polo under the jacket looks great, Elliot.

  5. I think Binance may be prepping to change stable coins due to Tether’s dubious practices. At the very least, we have another choice now.

  6. Love #FUDTV guys! Every time I watch I feel like I actually have a grip on what’s going on in the crypto universe!!! It’s refreshing to be able to drive to or from work or just kick it in the backyard in my hammock digesting all the news! I don’t always get a chance to get on a device and read for hours to be in the now, #FUDnation #FUDTV

  7. Hey FUD,

    Talk about Fitrova’s CEO doing interview on YouTube to stop FUD rumors!!

  8. Hey Elliot, did you hear the news about Castle Craig hospital in Scotland now offering a program to treat crypto-currency addiction lol ^_^

  9. this vid keeps on buffering every second. not happening on other vids. gave up watching

  10. Brisbane international airport is now entirely crypto friendly too . Aus is catching on . Slowly .

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