BREKKEND NIJS: Dash Privacy Coin Scandal! Coinbase 12 Days of Christmas | Gemini Mobile App

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Dash's partnership with KFC Venezuela is fake news!

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Quote from KFC CEO

KFC Venezuela denies accepting dash as a form of payment fan CryptoCurrency

Discussions In Place For Dash To Be Accepted At KFC Venezuela

Public apology from Dash Merchant management

12 Days of Coinbase

Gemini Launches New Mobile App for Crypto Traders

Gemini Launches New Mobile App for Crypto Traders

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BREKKEND NIJS: Dash Privacy Coin Scandal! Coinbase 12 Days of Christmas | Gemini Mobile App

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  1. ok…so why isn’t Jared Tate getting these meetings? Why has he said that merchant adoption is not necessarily the direction for digibyte?

  2. Seems a bit overkill to call it a scandal…. the adoption in Venezuela for Dash is huge and only getting bigger.

  3. Been here before everyone, I just don’t comment but I predicted subs to channel when it only had 640 subs, you guys are awesome 😎

  4. KFC must accept dash in Venezuela otherwise they will be out of business bc no one use their own fiat in Venezuela

  5. ok…but there are plenty of cryptos trying to work in venezuela. If you are into Dashhopefully this doesnt make KFC find another alt.

  6. Not invested in DASH so this is just ‘what I hear
    Medical marijuana programmes are taking notice of DASH.
    So not all hope is lost DASHIANS

  7. FORBES is not a reputable source at all brother, they’re like the Fox news, ABC, MSNBC and CNN

  8. Truethere are a lot of chains and merchants who are still trying to survive. People down there still need jobs to do.

  9. You seem awfully anxious to condemn Dash. I like Dash. At least Dash is a ‘realcoin. Not some crap like xrp which I own but will be happy to see fall to cultist hell.

  10. +Rhett Pridgeon ​ The article does not mentionmedicalmarijuana. It’s regular, state-legal but fed-criminal cannabis that is looking into Dash

  11. Don’t forget, Forbes is part of the legacy financial system, it is in their best interest to report fake news like this.

  12. Ja, yes, yes !!!!!!!!!! This is exactly what I was thinking ……….. right on ……….. I like DASH I think it’s one of the best …… It’s superiority is undoubtedly the reason Forbes tried to sabotage it.

  13. How exactly is this Dash fault? Forbes missreport the story and now they are saying Dash lied? wouldnt it be Forbes issue?

  14. So if Dash is in talks with KFC and someone jumps the gun and leaks that it’s a done deal it’s a scandal? Subway and Papa Johns accepts Dash in Venezuela so to me it’s just a matter of time. Come on man making it sound like Dash is trying to mislead people is ridiculous, your better then this. This is unbecoming of you.

  15. In Venezuela? That says enough. Lol. People are leaving Venezuela because of the economic conditionthe country is a bad state with high levels of inflation, people can’t afford food etc. Even if they were in a partnership with KFC’s in Venezuela, I would take that with a grain of salt

  16. +Altcoin Daily isn’t the whole point of cryptocurrency from the beginning to use them as digital cash? if you think this is a scam then the whole thing is.

  17. +Altcoin Daily the article liedyou dont know what Dash leadership venezuela actually said (is there a tweet from them saying that?)

  18. Wat we see on the news are bias. We you me never seen the real life in venezuela. What we see is what bias media shows us. Example global warming well they change the name now to climate change lol. Gets a yearly budget from US senate buget yearly. And Al Gore is happy you think nope he conieve with the United Nations to promote global warming and get money from the so called third world country how i know philippines president exposed it to media he was force to sign it in lima peru when they have the world econimic conference last year correct me if im wrong. Coz if he dont sign it UN will flock with him on Drug war he started. And US EU bias media calling him dictator lol. Which US and EU england are the dictator country. If you dont obey we BOMB AND KILL YOU. JUST LIKE this CIA terrorist wanted to blow the mall in Davao philippines. He blow his hotel room lol and he got caugt by the philippine police did not hear that on big media dont you? Look one more SEC rule is 1920 thats so old why SEC dont want to update? Coz its to protect the big boys its infront of our face but people still hope for regulators lol the only regulator i know will wirk is FTC federal trade commisision. Issue with coin base? Just tell coinbase do i need to write to FTC believe me coinbase will fix it while your on the phone 🙂 issue with comcast scam believe me comcast butt will spin even its owned by a big corporation jews. Thats the government sector that do the job

  19. +Shehreyar Ul-Mulk I’m glad someone is able to use logic here. These Dash lovers would believe anything they here to pump their garbage.

  20. +Cryptopops Dash is attempting to pump their coin dude. It’s as simple as that. Billions of dollars are at stake here. Ultimately they’ll do anything to pump their pile of crap.

  21. +mainframe 386 Dash just exists, it doesn’t care about what it’s price is. it’s a decentralised network. The people involved in the community and those coming into the community do and the wider market determine what the price should be based on how useful it is.

    it’s going to pump in response to it being adopted. The community are pushing for that because it adds value to peoples lives and teaches them to be their own bank! isn’t that the goal? They just announced a major integration with KFC competitor too:

    I don’t care who’s going to be the leader in the crypto payments space as long as its censorship resistant, secure and embodies all the properties decentralisation offers. Dash delivers that so i don’t know why you have a specific problem with Dash or cryptocurrency in general, but the benefits are real.

  22. +Altcoin Daily There are plenty trying but let’s be honest: dash has more adoption in VZ than all other cryptos combined. Try spending any crypto but Dash in VZ and you’ll have a hard time.

  23. Cannabis is completely legal in every province in Canada. Number of related Dash transactions: nul. Same thing will happen in the States after legalization regardless of whatdealsDash Governance has paid for.

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