Breaking News: Coinbase is shutting down GDAX! What is CoinbasePro!

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
Breaking News! Coinbase to shut down GDAX cryptocurrency exchange and replace/relaunch it as CoinbasePro. Great sign! Mass adoption is coming. The space will look very different 10 years from now. Sjoch de fideo.

Lykas. Subscribe.

***Not financial advice. Just opinion.

gdax, coinbase, pro, bye bye,

Breaking News: Coinbase is shutting down GDAX! What is CoinbasePro!


  1. Load up on ZRX ! Decentralized platforms are future! Ox protocol will most likely get picket up by gemini and binance

  2. I only thumbed down for 6 reasons . 1- Coinbase is slower to complete fiat transactions than ALL OTHER exchanges in existence( alot of money can be lost in 5 business days that could have been prevented by tethering). 2- Their fees are exhorbitant. 3- The KYC system is broken at best. 4- Their customer service phone line is a joke. 5- I know for a fact that not just those who transact over $20,000 get reported to the IRS. A friend of mine showed me proof in march through a friend of his in the IRS that EVERYONE is being reported. Whether 20k or 20 cents, you will be reported as a possessor of securities. 6-The fiat pairings offered are a joke. Oh wait, I almost forgot. How about the myriad of complaints added to social media weekly about it’s various B.S.? And how about when they FROZE all withdrawals into fiat during the peak price of BTC claimingAn overburdened network”- ofcourse you could still BUY IT. Complete and utter horseshit company bent on profit taking and fucking people over through greed and deceit. When all is said and done however, it is the noobs and imbecilicity plagued investors that deserve to get shafted by this group of technocrat scam artists.

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  4. Its easy to see exactly why this is happening….GDAX had no fees when sending funds to other exchanges….now, Coinbase can charge exorbitant fees when making a purchase THEN charge exorbitant fees when you send out to another exchange. Gues its time to look into Gemini to see what kind of fees will be charged, and Robinhood when they allow crypto trading in my state….

  5. I am expecting an massive green candle any day any hour, June should be a great month in the meantime check out the micro coins, eg; Photon

  6. You can deposit and withdraw from GDAX to coinbase and back when logged In on GDAX. Use your coinbase credentials on

  7. You know Coinbase Pro was not designed to increase the wallet size of the end userCoinbase is about to rape the masses.

  8. Mark O. Yeah I used to use Gemini. But they take forever and a day to clear. Alot can happen in 7 dagen. ABRA takes 48 oeren. If by day 3 the market looks like its crashing, I can transfer to Binance and Tether it, preventing it from losing value. If it was sitting waiting in coinbase or gemini, it could have dropped 25% yn 6 dagen. (It’s crypto).

  9. rossconuts Yea, Robinhood hasn’t even started allowing crypto trades in my state yet….But I have my fingers crossed that we get another choice..

  10. LiteCoin Moses We are already being raped….I will bet we will get it twice now in the same purchase/transfer…..we shall see.

  11. Hello,
    İ cant coinbase Pro Verification
    ( But my coinbase account verified)

    Verification failed. Make sure your information is entered correctly. PO boxes and business addresses are not accepted.

    Has anyone succeeded in solving this problem?

  12. i dont like they asking for 2 id card i submit my driver license and ask me for second id, i think the goverment involve on this

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