BREKKE: Bakkt Delayed till 2019! Bitcoin Breaking Key Support! [Cryptocurrency News]

Bakkt is delayed until January 24, 2019. Watch this video to find out why. Let me give you mu thoughts on the current state of the market.

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ICE’s Bakkt Delays Bitcoin Futures Launch

ICE’s Bakkt Delays Bitcoin Futures Launch

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*****NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. JUST ADVYS. Doch dyn eigen ûndersyk.

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BREKKE: Bakkt Delayed till 2019! Bitcoin Breaking Key Support! [Cryptocurrency News]


  1. Perfect timing lol 😆 what a manipulation!?! 👎 Also their regulatory approval is still up in the air.. 2nd time or even 3rd time delayed already

  2. Finally some level-headedness on this channel. You’ve been telling us we’re heading for a bull market for months now. Meanwhile I was saying we were going below $6,000 en $5,000 for months but I was ignored. 😀 Think we’re going to $3,000 and maybe lower.

  3. Ice and the sec are manipulating the market together. Ice is purposely dropping the price and postponed bakkt till it gets to the price they want so institutions that their connected with can buy cheap. They also probably know the etf will be approved in January . Perfect timing to launch

  4. +Lalo Aguirre which came first? If your a ceo of the company would you want your customers to buy at cheaper prices or buy at higher prices to increase your profits? That’s my logicwhat’s yours?

  5. ChillWithRahn same! 3500 is a good range, but i dont know if i need to dollar average and have Some spare dollar if it drops even lower

  6. necessary news whether we like it or not, but it is obvious what is going on The pendulum will now swing higher in or direction when it comes bakkt around.

  7. Well it might be manipulation as you suggest but I think this weeks crash is more like manipulation by people who were told in advance that Bakkt was going to postpone. They probably knew this last week. So Bakkt looks like they are keeping ‘Friendsin the know, rather than postponing due to current manipulation. Stinks at the highest level

  8. Institutions are driving down the price of BTC while they buy it up over the counter. Think of how low BTC is going to go after there’s no bull run in December.

  9. The light just got dimmer…” I hope it goes pitch black for a while. These prices are great! The longer & lower, the bigger the bag.

  10. This is not a bad thing. Why the mood? This is an awesome buying time, and a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something huge. Bigger than they want you to know about.

  11. @ChillWithRahn How sure are you that it will hit $3,500? I can wait if it will hit 3.5k its just idk whether it will or no.

  12. +Mohit Chhangani not sure, It could go up but I doubt the damage is over. All this selling pressure plus the Bakkt delay, the SEC going after ICOs, SEC will delay the ETF decision, as there is no way they will give it a green light before Bakkt is set up. Lot of FUD events to keep sentiment down.

  13. +Dr. Ho Lee Phuk i have given u many thumbs up sir. I agreed it would drop to 3-4gs. Just bought some btc yesterday. If it hits 3gs i buy some more….then Pray4bullrun!! By ur words i do believe u r a dr. Thx 4 ur hard work! God bless the cryptoinvestor! 😇

  14. Exactly boss man. Buy buy buy 70% 80% on sale is likr a thanx giving sale at walmart note not a day teader i like to say im more on capital venture which i will see 15 years from now if i be crying lol. .

  15. OK, my apologies, I thought you were saying it was a tinfoil hat idea. I just saw someone else say the same thing about something else and started it with Tinfoil hat. I realize what you were saying now, playing yourself as wearing the hat. It’s been a long day. I guess I’m on edge. So I apologize. Cat’s getting all defensive for nothing lol 🙂

  16. While I’m sure it played some part in it. Tech stocks have been getting slaughtered. Crypto is a high risk asset. When you start losing money on safer investments you dont want to also lose money on higher risk assets. It was the perfect storm to tank the crypto market.

  17. @Dr. Ho Lee Phuk

    hey there is any way to get in touch with u to get market view on ur option?

    if u can help then its value for me

    if u have any telegram channel or group then please paste the link

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