BREKKE: Bakkt Delayed AGAIN! [Bitcoin Update]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Ja! Happy New Year's Eve! You are gonna like this video. Today we have a MAJOR Bakkt Update.


ICE Press Release

ICE Has Raised $182.5 Million for Upcoming Bakkt Trading Platform

Bakkt Launch Postponed Again and an Update To Be Provided in Early 2019


Lykas. Ynskriuwe.

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BREKKE: Bakkt Delayed AGAIN! [Bitcoin Update]

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  1. interesting that the price hasnt dumped significantly with this FUD news, has the price already been factored in?

  2. Terrible fact checking. Not accurate at all they just raised another 180million in funding. Check their twitter. Ridiculous that u believed this.

  3. I am still expecting Bitcoin to dip to around 2k. We will see capitulation, which I want to see, and then the rest of 2019 will be very positive for bitcoin because the traditional market will become very dangerous and whacky in 2019.

  4. Just watched this video and bought thanks, this crap is just what they want people to believe and DUMP so I’m BUYING

  5. There was no sell off because this is priced in. Bitcoin is 3700 right now. It was 6k when people were still hopeful for Baakt.

  6. The only other thing they can do is deny. Also deny the Van Eck ETF.. after that they have nothing more to drive the price down with

  7. Happened this morning, wier. Still wanted to make a video informing people and check out how the market has responded.

  8. Clickbait or just dumb to call it “indefinately”.
    It’s just that bakkt realised that the standard cftc time is a few days longer than the 24th.

    This is incredible bad reporting, doesn’t deserve views or comments even.. just wanted to try to reduce the panic this idiot MIGHT cause.

  9. +Altcoin Daily yes but when we bottom great long to be had just go long 3x and wait for new ath will be great high rewards low-risk trade

  10. +Altcoin Daily CFTC had to postpone the approval process because of the government shutdown so obviously that effects BAKKT and pushes back the launch date….BAKKT is pretty much guaranteed at this point, the date just might be a little later than January 24thNot their fault that Trumpler is putting on a show to stroke his ego and pretend he is tough while screwing people over

  11. It’s about Control, follow the money, fear, lack of understanding and a concern of the global effect that is going to happen no matter what they do. They don’t determine Market Price. They are a Governing Agency and for the most part, it is hard to explain Block Chain functionality and Bit Coin to Government Workers who have always been paid for showing up to work more than for what they contribute to things of value in our society.

    The current Madeoff Ponzi economic system is dysfunctional. They have abused it by printing money, put it in jeopardy in applying theory of how to manage it, and allowing liars and merchandising thieves to control a system that resembles more of a jungle than a mechanism of fair commerce.

    They are stalling in the face of a coming meltdown that will take the entire globe into destitution, war and starvation. And then Bitcoin decentralization will be declared the global Currency. Do you honestly think the IMF and their stupid little SDR’s are going to be controllable? And we are going to trust our global economy to these nitwits? They are more inept than the UN for Pete’s Sake! Do you think SDR’s can compete against Bitcoin? Think about it. POWER TO THE PEOPLERIGHT ON!

    The less they understand, the more fearful they are about its uses and innovation. They are scared shitless of how this will change the world, and probably more importantly, how will they maintain their own relevance and control and of course how will governments tax it. Did you know that income tax was unconstitutional was dreamed up by the progressive left under Woodrow Wilson, about the same time as the creation of the Federal Reserve, which Bit Coin will replace Fairly and honestly so? Bit Coin will correct the sins of our economically inept Government!

    I warned people that when you take our pristine, personal control, and financial device and turn it over to the very highly regulated eco system we are trying to escape, we play right into their hands. They want to wreck crypto. We are disrupting their world. What would you do if you were them?
    I warned people that CME and CBOT traders would annihilate the price because they don’t know how to classify Crypto, and are even more clueless about its innovative usage capability. How can you have a futures contract for something that isn’t delivered? They will protect gold, which looks pretty, has a very limited physical functionality, cannot be transported or subdivided easily, etc.

    It is out of Pandoras box. There is no denying it. It is here to stay and will continue to grow exponentially. We should make even more strides to make its possession undetectable and private. Put that thought in the CFTC’s Commissioners and Governmental Regulator control freaks head. They won’t be able to approve Bakkt quick enough. Still my friends…. Be careful what you wish foryou might get it.

  12. Bakkt what a joke. No credibility! Just don’t give any dates. Whats the point? the only thing which i’m looking forward to is Bitcoin halving in May 2020.

  13. Ja, quicker we can all dump for them to get a nice entry point, quicker they will thank us with FOMO media releases to start a repump.

  14. I believe you tubers are taking this too far, they are just waiting for our dinasour government to approve, that’s all.

  15. You are dealing with the first currency that has ever proven itself to care about the universal strict rule of law. You will find that Bitcoin is harder money than gold in the fact that its interest rate (hash rate) can adjust itself to perfection, without human manipulations. Goed, in bitcoin, it’s still manipulations, but it’s the most democratized kind of human manipulations there is today, because it’s based on collective knowledge (not a cabal knowledge).. Some people call thisHalfing”. This will evolve into the greatest currency ever created, I believe. It cannot fail.

  16. +Altcoin Daily I think that if a further price drop is required then they can find other things to achieve this with. Not within the realms of possibility that another fear campaign could be launched with lots of bad news in quick succession.

  17. I’m stacking my fiat waiting to pouncethe longer they delay, the more money I’ll have to buy bitcoin.

  18. It’s just a guess, I’m not too good at speculating yet, but I know if bill Clinton is getting behind it then globalists may do whatever they can

  19. Unless, they want you to believe that it will pump because people believe that it will pump because most people think it will dump.

    Everyone expecting this ih&s to form just because its the same pattern last july. Longs are getting confident, be wary.

  20. Why will you pray for Bitcoin to drop, How will you be investing in an asset and have negative reaction to it. It is just elusive that so many people will be praying hard for Bitcoin to drop. it is an evil way of thinking.

  21. +Ainz Ω That would be great, just needs to be a dump on a professional scale to encourage more dumping.

  22. Youtuber actually seems like a pretty nice guy without bad intentions, so perhaps i responded a little harsh initially. But the panic and negativity in crypto is just beyond ridiculous atm, and if people like him even start feeding it by blowing up a little innocent news story like this they are actually part of the problem imo.

    Edit: actually now i look at the new video title i’m maybe even more annoyed with the youtuber.. it’s just maximal sensionalist parrotting of half assed information combined with clickbait titles

  23. DrPaul4justice Agreed! Paul take it easy🍻Austin is very decent I have been watching his videos for long time I like it!!

  24. 2019 the recession in the USA will commence. Probably be a global situation. I doubt 2019 is going to be anything better. I see more delays and frustrations for people in 2019. Hope I’m wrong, I want to make money as well, but my pessimism over the second half of this year is validated with each passing week. At least I won’t be let down too much in the end if it goes that way.

  25. Lmao all these comments above mine, y’all are the same people who use events like “Chinese New Years” “tax season” as reasons for price actions lmao

  26. That’s right. Everyday was good in 2018. We we’re in a training school and learned a lot. Now in 2019 we invest smart. We all will be happy. INSHALLAH

  27. I have been trading with Mr Anderson’s trading signals for about 5 months and sincerely they are quite impressive and accurate.

  28. To avoid making losses while trading, you need to get full understanding and knowledge it is not something you just gamble,Mr Anderson Ryan’s strategy is very effective, Consistent and constructive. I am getting the best from it.

  29. It was 6k before it was manipulated down further to 3700. The whole timing with bakkt and craig wright etc and a significant drop within a short period wasnt the regular investors selling.

  30. I have been following Altcoin Daily. They are awesome and I have rarelyif ever seen them scare the market to get views. This is a misunderstanding on the definition of indefinite. This channel is one of the few crypto channels worth going to and Ive been in this game a while.

  31. The longer Bitcoin exists, the more difficult it becomes to “mine,” or create new coins. Without the miners, the Bitcoin network collapses. The cost of getting started as a new miner is so far out of reach for the average person that the main miners are gigantic warehouses in China. In most countries, the cost of electricity to run these computers is actually more than what the digital currency is worth, which makes it pointless to even try.The longer Bitcoin exists, the longer it takes for these computer systems to process the information.
    the official time for a Bitcoin transfer is “one hour,” but anyone who uses Bitcoin on a regular basis knows that is far from the truth. Transactions can take up to six hours at busy times of the day, because it averages 15 transaksjes per sekonde. There is no guarantee that it will ever improve. Yn feite, it is likely to keep getting worse.[6]Yn tsjinstelling, Ripple’s coin XRP settles 1,500 transactions every second, and they have the technology and infrastructure to make sure that they’ll never slow down. In the digital age, where people want things to happen within a split second, it is simply not realistic to think that as the world slowly begins to understand and use blockchain in their everyday lives, they will choose the slower option, Bitcoin, over currencies that are faster.

  32. Douglas S. Noble + Bitcoin Has Become a Centralised Currency
    When Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, it was a nothing less than a revolution, creating a truly decentralised, community-powered, cryptocurrency. The power of Bitcoin was the fact that it was decentralised and not one centralised stakeholder could control the network. Spitigernôch, that is no longer the case. Hjoed, 70% of the Bitcoin’s collective hash rate, i.e. the mining power, is controlled by Chinese Mining Pools (which are groups of cooperating miners who agree to share block rewards in proportion to their contributed mining hash power). Derneist, the four biggest mining pools control over 50% of the network’s collective hash rate.
    This centralisation of mining is a logical consequence of how the protocol was developed, as it rewards economies of scale. Dêrtroch, Bitcoin is no longer the decentralised network that it was supposed to be when it was developed. This does not have to be a problem, as long as the mining pools can be trusted and have an incentive to do the right thing. lykwols, since most of these mining pools are in China, this could quickly change if the Chinese government decides, for whatever reason, to intervene and take over the Chinese mining pools. This centralisation of Bitcoin poses a real threat to the future of the cryptocurrency

  33. +bob loblaw lol you keep telling yourself all that. I’m interested to see your response in 6 months when there is still no Bakkt and no set date for launch. This isn’t because of a partial shutdown or Trump, it’s simply the CFTC hasn’t given them approval. Bakkt is not guaranteed to happen like you wish for if anything it’s looking to be a garunteed pipe dream, nothing more.

  34. Yes weeks ago when this information was already knownBut this channel apparently reads an archived version of the internet with week upload delays

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