Brave Browser Integrates New Private Feature + WALK-THROUGH + MARKET CHECK IN!!

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,

Today I wanted clue you guys in on Basic Attention Token (BAT)'s Brave Browser Announcement! Brave Browser integrates Tor into new private tab feature.

The latest desktop release of Brave includes a beta feature called 'Private Tabs with Tor,' which lets you open regular tabs alongside Tor-powered tabs all in one window.
Let's talk about it. This is a great video.

Lykas. Subscribe.

**Not Advice. Just Opinion. Do your own research.

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Brave Browser Integrates New Private Feature + WALK-THROUGH + MARKET CHECK IN!!


  1. Thanks for bringing this to our “Oandacht” I like using the Brave browser. Love the project and it is great news to see they are adding great features.

  2. Ali Ciftci you have to opt in. They have just began trials a few weeks ago with select number of users. They will add more in the next few months. I did a video on how you can opt in last week. Check it out!

  3. telegram is only like 7k friendly communitynone of the when lambo crap!”
    but chineese telegram is more bullish 35 k with low market cap
    they already have main net ! Superfast transaction speed

  4. Doing a video about Brave browser but not using the Brave browser in the video…………….

  5. Hi, can you please make a review on APIS? Is it a legit project or is it a scam? Its about masternodes but who knows

  6. Cody Pavlak ha yes. Touche. I use brave browser on my mobile device. I would use brave as my browser, but last time I tried they didnt have a highlighter extension. And i like to highlight text when i make these videos.

  7. I like the Idea to have pasive income and I would like to have a tool where I could switch my investment between masternodes easily.

  8. Nice video 💪 holding some bat myself :)) can u please look at a coin called steneum(Stn) and maybe do a Video on it ?? I think it’s a sleeping giant

  9. Gary Havlin very nice. I quickly looked it up and it doesn’t really excite me. How is it different form other coins? Why does it excite you?

  10. Watching this on Brave Browser. It’s amazingly fastIt’s clean UI is beautiful ( even tho I am power user and I love to have more options ), websites with Brave loads very very fast, they are clean because of AdBlocker and I always feel safe because of HTTPS everywhere. Only problem with it is crashing ( Windows 7 )…. It’s crashing very often which I sometime annoying but i hope until v1.0 they will fix it. I would like to have more extensions too, and to haveBraveas a browser because when I visit site like ( it says that I am usingChromenotBraveand I don’t like that…. overall I love it and I hope it will continue to grow users and become better browser than now.

  11. It has been reported that NSA watches people that use Tor because users may be involved in nefarious activities.

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