Blockchain Project, Favourites (EOS, Litecoin, Salt, Veri, BTC, Theta, PPT )

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We hear from Clif high, Jsnip4, Bix Weir , Jeff Berwick, ICO Alert, amongst others about their favourite crypto projects of the last year such as EOS, ETH, Litecoin , Salt, Populous, Veritaseum and BTC.

What makes a great crypto project and why they believe these ones will be successful in the future and why any temporary price crashes are irrelevant in the long term., feature documentary coming Spring 2019.

Music by www.bensound.,com bitcoin news

Blockchain Project, Favourites (EOS, Litecoin, Salt, Veri, BTC, Theta, PPT )


  1. Really enjoyed talking to these guys and will continue to bring you up to date content as we build the feature length story.
    Get subscribed it’s going to be an interesting ride!

  2. Im curious what ones they also loved which didn’t do so well, its just a volatile market i’m finding some i really thought were headed to the moon ended up in a crater *cough environ cough*

  3. Nice but I dont think Bix feels the same way as he did about BCASH still. I may be wrong.

  4. thanks very much. trying to bring some production quality to the space. 🙂

  5. If you know anything about Bix he’s not a fan of EOS, in fact he’s going out of his way to warn against holding it.

  6. I spent some significant time in Second life sharpening my Photoshop skills. I had purchased virtual land in there (which had been quite profitable when you went to sell), and then Linden Labs came in and just flooded the market with new land in excess of the demand. The value of my property went into the toilet. The FED couldn’t have done a more horrible job of inflating the supply.

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