Blockchain News Show – EOS, JSNIP4, Crypto Events and ICOs

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Blockchain weekly news with the New Kids. We chat chat about all the latest blockchain news including EOS, ynvestearje, icos, speak to JSNIP4 about whats he's been up to, , talk upcoming cryptocurrency and blockchain events .We also announce the winners of last weeks giveaway of four cold storage coins. Bitcoin, Litecoin, ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Win a crypto investing guide book with 'Buddies Prize Give Away'

Links to news stories here:

A UK Exchange Is Launching Litecoin Futures Trading

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Blockchain News Show – EOS, JSNIP4, Crypto Events and ICOs


  1. Love the giveaway segment! It’s a great book too, can’t wait to hear what people have to say about i!

  2. WOW, Unbelievable that I was the winner for ETHEREUM cold storage!Thanks for both of you and for the sponsors. hopefully your work will get more attention from not only the crypto space but also all those who still not into crypto yet. Can’t imagine of how much hard work for both of your already put into this documentary in countless time, money energy etcbut you are recording history of this new era of human future which is very important for all of us. Once again would like to thank you both of you!!

  3. Thanks JK JK. email us and we will get that lovely coin to you and anything you can do to help share our video, channel massively appreciated as we are putting in a lot of effort and want to get to an audience 🙂

  4. Thanks for the lovely swag, very nice! I’ll fill it up with BTC and pass it along to someone new to crypto’s. Love the showand yes, I’m female. lol

  5. Honey Bunz nice!! we got the email will get it shipped. please share this video as we need the viewers thx

  6. chipmunkvideochannel thanks very much. we will be back next week for more 🙂

  7. Hi, do you have any twitter, instagram, FB or any other social media official a/c? I think your work can get more followers on this social media platform other than youtubeplease add the link on your youtube channel as well ,in the coming future where more n more people get into this crypto space they can easily get in touch with you all. . have a great day!

  8. I’d love the book! I am only just getting into all this and need all the help I can get to learn more 😁

  9. Would be great to win one of those bookswill be a great source for essential crypto info ☀️🏆☀️

  10. I would love to give the book to my hubby who’s been very disheartened by the scary bears.. Hopefully it will inspire him to keep positive and play the market like a boss!

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