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BITCOIN AUJOURD'HUI: Dans cette vidéo, I'll go through the Bitcoin news today & I'll make a Bitcoin price analysis. Les actualités BTC & l'analyse peut être une source d'inspiration pour votre propre commerce ou investissement Bitcoin, mais ce n'est PAS un conseil financier. Sur cette chaîne, La lune, je fais 1 vidéo tous les jours sur les nouvelles crypto & Bitcoin. I'll always include professional Bitcoin technical analysis, faire une prédiction de prix Bitcoin, and I'll also show you the most relevant news for Bitcoin investing & commerce. Veuillez vous abonner si vous êtes un hodler Bitcoin, et laisse un coup de pouce pour soutenir mes vidéos gratuites!

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Carl Eric Martin (La lune)

PlanB 🔴: À Bitcoin $300,000 D'ICI DÉCEMBRE 2021!!!!!!!!!!

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29 commentaires

  1. décembre 2019: 67k
    décembre 2020: 1 Million
    Youtube predictions are very reliable. Because there was this time traveller

  2. I am super bullish but I saw Benjamin Cowen’s charts. No way 300k. 50k maybe. Unless we do the S adoption curve this is not happening.

  3. In theory on mining it will never finish mining. There may be a time when the last whole Bitcoin will be mined on a halving but then the miners will be mining partial coins so satoshi mining. For the reward to go down to 1 satoshi will at current rate take 140 années. Even then the mining would still work but be paid in partial satoshi. If btc worth enough maybe there will be a new decimal, the nakamoto a partial satoshi….

  4. The problem with Plan`s stock-to-flow models is, that they are in nominal terms. Or do you see any second variable (par exemple. argent) besides S2F? The SwissRex model adjusts for that.

  5. Stock to flow is just a theory. Maybe it plays out, maybe it doesn’t.
    Similar to TA, past performance does not equal future results.

  6. @the moon
    That bottom line of your ascending triangle, comes our 3k bottom.
    Draw a line using the candle bodies on the weekly linear chart, from the 3k bottom. And you will see that it’s that same line.

  7. We have been fighting 10k for 1 year 👀💆🏽‍♂️, 20k-30k by December 2021

  8. Without the s2f lie, all youtube channels die. After the failed lightning network, the s2f is the new narrative keeping the ponzi alive

  9. Ouais, the current 2 year+ trend seems negative neutral, with $10k looking more like a ceiling tested less than 10% of the activity for the period.

  10. I like to observe things in hindsight. It’s fun that way. I went to late 2017/ early 2018 crypto videos predicting the price for 2020. Longue histoire courte, I’m still laughing.

  11. this gives me an idea. make a website called hindsight bitcoin predictions dot com, and have an artificial intelligence script scan the web for all previous predictions. then take all the predictions and sort them by time in intervals (lets say 1 mois) then sort the predictions in each group by predicted price (y-axis), and expected date for predicted price (x-axis). then make a regression line from all the predictions in each month and determine the bullishness/bearishness by the slope of the line. then make a graph or histogram of all timelines, and the value of the slope of their regressed predictions and compare predictions to actual price. perhaps even see who predicted the most correctly

  12. This year has been a bit opposite of what we all expected, so the cryptocurrency is not left out on this mostly bitcoin as the leading asset, but for a good reason BTC bulls has really done great for at least defending $9,000 support region strongly for over 2 mois maintenant.

  13. Im affraid that most of your vidéos are just delusional and refer to moonboy mentality which is really not the way to go playing with hard earned money .Carl you misslead people to get more subscribers and you know it in your heart. You are wrong my friend and should change

  14. @Audrey Johns Pretty useful detail. I have registered in some top trade classes and chat rooms and I know this name. I guess it will be the perfect time to reach out to him now after reading this here

  15. @Audrey Johns I’ve seen a lot of people on YouTube talking about his constant trading signal, and I’m sure I’m up for it, I ‘m going to get in touch with him asap.

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