ÉNORME Bitcoin Eclater $13,844 TRÈS BIENTÔT?!!!! | Le scénario haussier!

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Carl Eric Martin

ÉNORME Bitcoin Eclater $13,844 TRÈS BIENTÔT?!!!! | Le scénario haussier!

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Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

39 commentaires

  1. you were the first person who called the falling wedge in 2018 and you were so right. hopefully this year you are too 🙂

  2. Your moon boy idea has value but if we break the lows my idea is in play and 6k to 5.4k here we come. We need to move above the weekly 13 ema for me to say ok party time!

  3. The falling wedge is interesting and similarities are clear.

    But I need to point out, also significant difference!

    The first FW as You draw it is PRECEDED by higher high, higher price, so the overshooting makes more sense.

    This FW just stands on it’s own. Whatever that means.

  4. If now there is a final round of ICO from Pavel Durov, it means Gram will start its floatation soon *gramton. net*

  5. nobody knows nothingThose graphics chart helps just a bit, people can do the same with spaghetti

  6. sensationnel, tons of excellent information included in this video, je vous remercie Carl, excellent job! We’ve had a bloody, protracted pullback this summer, but I think BTC still has a bullish spirit hidden inside, and expect it to eventually show its strength with rising prices. Thanks for your contributions to the crypto community Carl!

  7. Unless we break above the 200D MA I remain bearish, if we break it to the upside again I’m going 25x long

  8. That comparison looks so simple and appealing, a kind of fractal repeat, dangerous and tempting to go big on a long. 🤔

  9. Pourquoi!?! just use cross and manage your risk please. Don’t manage risk according to a made up liquidation price.

  10. Matta It’s always best to guard for both sides of equation 🙂 .So I was thankful to discover this indicator thanks to You. Looking backit seems to hold nice correlation with the overall trend.
    Anyhow, it still seems that there are more of bearish signs than those of support.

    We might see also some indecisive choppy market. Qui sait.

    À votre santé!

  11. @Matta Why don’t you make some videos instead of acting like a sad little bitter cretin with all the personality of a fucking housebrick. You’re clearly some 13 year old larping. Put up or shut up dickhead.

  12. TobiasYou forget .. in nov.2018
    Carl says.. Where is bottomWhere is a bottom..He says..i think 2.7 k is bottom….But price not gone in 2.7 k level

  13. Price must consistently “close” above 8k on the weekly for this to play out. Also BTC need to clear most of the sell orders up to 9.4k – 9.6k and get rejected staying within the falling wedge in order for this 13k target to have a chance of playing out. It’s really simple price action. Thanks for the content Carl.

  14. @Vikaskumar Bhatt did you have a crystal ball ? it was about the pattern not about the exact bottom

  15. @Joel Wenger I’m not into a long position atm, maybe that’s what you you understood, Je ne sais pas; anyways I’m not going to open the position 1 cent above the 200ma but 2-2.5% above to avoid a fakeout like the one we had couple days ago. And most importantly with a stop loss slightly below it. that small percentage is irrelevant compared to a potential ~50% move

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