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Carl Eric Martin (La lune)

ÉNORME $9,000,000,000,000 FED BILAN!!! BIG Bitcoin CME GAP!!

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52 commentaires

  1. Why Is it that you talk so much about how bad the global markets are doing when you say that when the global market gets ready to collapse bitcoin will be going to the moon when in fact bitcoin is not doing a damn thingso please stop with all the crap you are telling people about bitcoin

  2. nobody flies So here in Spain the sky was full of chemtrails, this morning. the blue sky has got its typical gray veil

  3. 안녕하세요^^
    오늘도 다녀 갑니다.
    난 항상 당신을 응원합니다.
    나에 유듀브도 꼭 찿아주세요.
    행복한 하루되세요 감사합니다.

  4. Not all deaths are reported, not even in Europe, lots of people will die at home without being diagnosed with the virus
    Not to talk about China, their numbers are just a joke, rien de plus.

  5. I am still waiting for carl’s golden cross moonprediction to happen and i feel scammed by him

  6. If USD value halves and BTC value to the USD doubles we have moved anywhere????Not sure why so many Youtubers want to kick the Dollar….When BTC goes to 300k we will need to convert it into something usable, and while BTC may become that at some future point it isn’t usable now.Great videos and information but i have reservations about the constant stick beating of the fiat currencies. Fiat is what most people know so we need to respect that.Rant over!! Bonne chance à tous 🙂

  7. Somebody knows . Somebody knows where it’s going to go. Algos were designed by humans . And algos run the price targets.

  8. you are aware that btc has been in a bearmarket 4 3t
    years.pls watch crypto kirby.i hope u r not james at the water cooler.

  9. Really want the price to continue to drop to $3000 – $4000 range for my all in buy price so there is about a 95% chance the price never gets below $6000 and goes way up in the coming week.That would be consistent with my crypto journey so far

  10. BTC has been in a bear market since the blowoff top in late 2017 so that’s like 2 1/2 years or a little less than that

  11. @Lisa Romero I hope bitcoin hits 10k or 15k soon , j'ai 700 bitcoins thanks to gibson williams, and i plan to invest 200 btc more

  12. @Gerardo M.D jeffery I was scammed previously, over 17btc, but i have recovered all my losses with gibson trades and signals, his platform is a dream come true.i will keep informing people about him.

  13. @Jon Gonzalez yes he does, he trades forex, Crypto, binary and more, the greatest of it all is that he trades all cryptocurrencies

  14. @James Lawrence wow, So you guys also trade with gibson? he is the best trader i know

  15. J'ai fait 10 btc with 1 BTC, you what to know how? whats app gibson williams the expert trader who made me so much btc, +1 (236) 260 5724

  16. J'ai fait 10 btc with 1 BTC, you what to know how? whats app gibson williams the expert trader who made me so much btc, +1 (236) 260 5724

  17. J'ai fait 10 btc with 1 BTC, you what to know how? whats app gibson williams the expert trader who made me so much btc, +1 (236) 260 5724

  18. J'ai fait 10 btc with 1 BTC, you what to know how? whats app gibson williams the expert trader who made me so much btc, +1 (236) 260 5724

  19. @mona lee hey, if you want to make more btc risk free, you can as much as 10 BC with 1 BC investment, whats app gibson williams +1 (236) 260 5724

  20. Wow thank you, he had gave me 0.1 BTC for free, u must writeYour Girldfriend was nice

  21. Will Lunsford HAHAHHA thats is SO good decribing how I feel tooo…WTF…..statisticly it is NOT possible to hit the EXACT wrong moment every time !!! hahaha

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