How The Altcoin Bubble Will Pop (Not Bitcoin)

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The altcoins have seen extreme gains in 2017 et 2018. toutefois, I think we are witnessing the end of the altcoin boom or altcoin bubble. Bitcoin will be the winner of 2018, and the altcoins will suffer. The Bitcoin dominance is going to go right past 50% and could go a lot further. Will some cryptocurrencies survive? Like Dogecoin, Ondulation, cardano, Ethereum, litecoin, IOTA or Dash? bien, watch the video to hear me out! Vers la Lune!

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How The Altcoin Bubble Will Pop (Not Bitcoin)

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Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

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  1. who uses gold to buy anything yet it’s value is like $10 billion .. Bitcoin is going to be the digital version of gold .. its use as a medium of exchange is far more practical than gold’s .. the entire scope of Bitcoin = will easily be worth $ trillions $

  2. Thanksfor another great video. I must agree with you, however I do believe there are projects that DO change certain aspects of our system or can be very meaningful. For instance Electroneum. They want to bring crypto to the masses, millions of new users. That can be huge. Even for Bitcoin as well! So what’s your opinion on ETN? Also carVertical, they’re going to make corruption in the second hand car market almost impossible. It will take time for them, but that project can also be huge in a couple of years when it’s proven. 🙂

  3. I agree that many of the Altcoins have prices that are over inflated. What do you think about platforms like XTZ Texas and BOS BOScoin with improvements over ETH coming out.

  4. Merci d'avoir regardé! Je suis désolé, don’t know too much about those, to be honest😀🌙

  5. Oui, these project could potentially change the world, but as soon as a big company like Google, Amazone, Tesla, Apple etc comes along and makes a better version of whatever altcoin project you’d prefer, they would use billions of dollars to make it that much better. The projects that exist now, are only getting attention because they are the first of it’s kind. j'ai peut être tort, but I do not expect many of these alts to exist within 2 années. Regarding Electroneum, I could possibly make a video about it in the future 😀🌙

  6. The Moon sounds pretty biased honestly and most things you say about alt coins also apply to bitcoin itself! Most altcoins follow bitcoin’s move most of the time. I consider bitcoin dangerous for the entire crypto market since if it goes down most alt coins will follow it down. Everyone’s hope should be that BTC’s dominance will keep decreasing! That way the market would be WAY more stable! With BTC dominance as high as it still is I argue the entire crypto market is in a way centralized. Let’s decentralize the crypto market!

  7. You’re a smart guy, and like your videos. Thank you for sharing.There are some great potential products out there, and until they have shown their actual worth they will remain speculation and hype bloated up by the prize speculative mongers that will remain biased towards their investment which is their prerogative, just like saying there’s a blueprint of some product showing remarkable promises, but until the actual product of such are released and proven to work it will remain important to those invested in it and will remain biased towards that because they will defend their investment more than what the actual technology is actually worth at that time. Sûr, there might be some great solutions eventually coming out of the ERC20 Protocol, but what most don’t get to understand as you pointed out so well is that when Bitcoin solves it’s underlying availability and transaction costing issues, my prediction is that over 90% of the Ethereum, cardano, Neo etc etc based solutions won’t survive and that most of them will flow over to the one which have stood the test of time and been strengthened and improved over a far greater time period than any other, Bitcoin. Sûr, there will be other great solutions and it’s important to keep an eye out for them, but to know why you invest into any Altcoin and not be blinded by the hype and speculation we can see happening in the market. À la fin, the won’t be just Bitcoin, but those that can’t see or understand the true value and importance of BItcoin will then probably also not see the true value of why they actually invest in any Altcoins and because of that will be the result of their own bubble that will be burst when they finally realize they where blinded in their own greed.


  9. ALEX VSD check out Haejin lee. his channel is great and he just made a couple videos about tron.

  10. I do not share your opinion, I think that Zoi for example is too stable, because it is one of the most decentralized cryptocurrencies

  11. I didn’t watch the video but the alt currency has applications, while Bitcoin has none. Companies are interesting in the block chain technology not Bitcoin.

  12. I feel ya man. Cardano is all talk, eos can’t promise a 1 mill tps but only 10k. I invested on NAS (first main net 3.0 chaîne de bloc, first infinite scalability/ upgradable smart contracts. The team will deliver. And I put HPB first block chain with 1 mill tps up to 10 mill tps, with a workable hardware and software. You should check them out

  13. Youve clearly never been to a Cardano event nor read any of their work or stayed in touch with the steps in their roadmap. They are one of the only teams which has done everything they said they would do when they said they would do it. Ethos is the other.

  14. Bitcoin will never be cheap even after the lighting network even the lighting network developers say so. But you guys are not listening, you are listening to Core lies. Didn’t they say the same about Segwit?

  15. I totally disagree, Bitcoin is an overpriced outdated crypto thats price is purely based on speculation, when you are buying Bitcoin you are just buying the name.

    What can it do?…It’s slow and expensive to use, even if lighting helps fix this it will always waste huge amounts of electricity hence will never receive mainstream adoption.

    IMHO the focus on Bitcoin is what is holding crypto back.

    If you forgot the names and valued crypto based on their tech and what they could do Bitcoin wouldn’t even be in the mix.

    You would give more value to projects like Nano, fast and free without need of mining or Stellar, or IOTA, even Litecoin compared side by side with Bitcoin is a better crypto.

    I mean technically Doge coin and Bitcoin are pretty much the same thing.

    Ethereum would easily be the most valued crypto, it can do everything Bitcoin can plus much more smart contracts etc and yes the added value of over 400 Tokens that run on its platform, many of which have great real life potential to help solve business problems or improve aspects of business.

    Ripple/XRP would also be up there as has a real life use case for banking.

    I really hope you are wrong for crypto to move forward we need to move away from the focus on Bitcoin and give value in the tech and real life use cases, and crypto that is sustainable, doesn’t waste huge amounts of electricity.

  16. I get where you’re coming from, and to some extent, I do agree. toutefois, I think that we’re still a few years away from mass adoption, and I think only Bitcoin can take us there. When mass adoption is reached, THEN I think the altcoins that actually have potential will share the spotlight with Bitcoin, but not until then. 🌙😀

  17. Ouais, Cardano might have a good roadmap, but I’d like to see some more solid progress before I dump more money into it. 🌙😀

  18. Yeah sure many alts are over valued, but Bitcoin is the most over valued crypto, its a basic crypto that is never going to receive widespread mainstream adoption just for the fact it uses/waste huge amount of electricity that is not sustainable.

    The future of crypto is in cryptos that solve business problems and will improve business that where the money is going to be coming into things.

    IMHO crypto as a currency for mainstream use is a long way off, but if it was to become mainstream it would need to be a crypto that is fast, cheap/free, no scaling issues and not use huge amounts of energy, something like Nano or IOTA or even Stellar and have bells and whistles like smart contracts.

    Bitcoin is purely about speculation nothing more, its where it is not because it’s useful but because it was first and has the name everyone knows and it can rise in price easily because of it’s low supply.

  19. bien, there are too many alts competing over the same tech in my opinion. Alors, you’ll only need one fast alt, one platform, one this and one that etc. Do you agree generally? 🌙😀

  20. 100% the future of crypto is in solving business problems or improving business, not in Bitcoin that is purely about price speculation.

  21. Disagree sir. The Altcoins will have exactly the same use case as beforeand then some.

  22. Before this video I knew already altcoin, at least for now, have just one function, to help me to buy more bitcoin, you nailed!

  23. dogecoin does serve a purpose u need to do more research on what dogecoin is soon to be doing for etheruem

  24. I just sent your video to some friends, and I did suscrubed of course, now I have all night to see some of your videos. You got a fan !

  25. I mean a reliable and truthful cryptocurrency, with many good characteristics.

  26. +The Moon What if Bitcoin’s technological use remains behind of alt coins in the coming few years, do you think Bitcoin will still be able to carry us until wider adoption occurs before the general public start looking into alt coins?

  27. bien, how about Steem which has value in Steemit as a social media platform. Then you have Monero which has anonymity which Bitcoin doesn’t truly have.

  28. If people argue cryptos are a safe haven and digital gold, then only bitcoin can take us there. I think if bitcoin fails cryptocurrency fails in this regard because the tech will always become obsolete at some point.

  29. Would love to hear your thoughts on Richard Hearst’s BitcoinHex coming soon to BTC holders. His recent live stream explains it the bestest 👍
    It’s being built on ETH, and ERC20 token. But they disabled the setting that creates exponential bugs. Hex will be trustless interest. Designed with every pumpamental of which Heart could thing 👍👍👍👍🙏🏻🤞🤞

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