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Carl Eric Martin (La lune)


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51 commentaires

  1. Carl,
    It is only WTI delivery for April due to storage shortage . Delivery for June is 21 USD.
    Brent price which is the bench mark for roughly 2/3 of oil price globally remains at about 25 USD.
    So to conclude, the oil price that really matters to the world is 25 USD a barrel and not negative.
    Thank you for your informative videos tho. I am a fan.

  2. Hey Carl can i ask you someting i trade btc / USDT
    is that good or not related to the fact that the dollar will no longer be worth anything

  3. People will be kicking themselves in a few years if they miss out this great opportunity to buy Bitcoin with this discount…….

  4. Bitcoin spring mining reward halving getting closer hour by hour ⛱

    Big news 🌎 that Litecoin can now be used to make direct purchases of vouchers for top companies worldwide via the Trezor hardware wallet. Amazone, Apple 🍏 and many more included…….

  5. So that quart of oil I bought for my car would have got me over 100 gallons of oil. I feel scammed 🙂

  6. the moment u know u cnt make something out of bitcoin but oil can run pharmaceuticals..is the moment u wake up to reality

  7. salut Carl, where is SA can I buy a Nano S device, can you recommend any reliable place please, if I buy it internationally then I will pay too much to bring it into the country

  8. @UC1TC5J51pz8Rj_0ULWOyVsg
    if you took delivery at the end of the contract and were left with the contract you would indeed be paying people to take the oil away, negative price! Because the cost of storage would be even higher for a commodity that as of this moment is worth negativeAt least WTI, Brent crude is doing okayAmerica has severe storage problems…. At least relative to supply and demand

    This was actually predicted weeks ago that the price could go below negative and people would be getting paid to take it away!

    Now will that happen? Doubtful, especially when marketing to the rest of the world could yield some payment below $20 per barrel compared to Brent crude right now

  9. Bitcoin is crap made by Chinese scammers and criminals. Chinese knew that world not trusting them if they had Chinese name on it so they faked by using Japanese name because they know that Japanese are reliable and world trust them. So bitcoin is real crap and does not hold any value.

  10. Cpthilton If a child told you 2+2 is four and a doctor told you 2+2 est 6.. It doesn’t matter the source of the information, it matters the validity

  11. Arthur “Scott Sheffield, chief executive of Pioneer Natural Resources, told the commission at a hearing last week that if the oil price stayed around $20 a barrel for a while, 80 percent of the hundreds of independent oil companies in the state would be forced into bankruptcy and 250,000 workers would lose their jobs.

    À $30 a barrel, many companies would be “crippled,” Mr. Sheffield said. “But at least the industry will survive.””

  12. La lune …
    Invisible Enemy
    IS NOT the virus
    (you’re out of the
    macro/ realpolitik
    ‘Loop’ ….)

  13. The Moon I’m 33. Been in the market for nearly 15 années.. been in crypto since late 2016.
    Assumptions on ignorance and frustrations bc Someone’s opinions doesn’t quite align with yours is the true “teenager” mentality.

    If I run my business at and I don’t “break even,” I’ll eventually go bankrupt so it doesn’t matter what options traders want. The bears will drag it down to its true “underlying value”

  14. Once again the leading crypto asset bitcoin is currently trading around $6000 support level which a lot of analyst now see as the last buy zoom for investors before the May halving, I so much believe in bitcoin trading and mostly finding the best strategy and signals to work with in order to attain a very good profit. Due to my recent research, I was able to know about Jenson Ryan who is a pro trader and signal providers that has proven so accurate and well timed several times and during my first month of trading with Jenson’s daily signals I was able to grow my 0.9btc to a total of 6.7btc in just 4 weeks which you would agree is a very good profit. However it’s must advice to grow a very strong portfolio ahead of bitcoin halving with such an accurate signals, Jenson can be reach *Whatspp: +447380348377 and Telgram @jenson_signal* for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  15. Looking at the price prediction signals Jenson offers, it is very profitable and traders should apply that more to his patterns also.

  16. the right information is what we need to succeed. I believe the benefits of a successful trade come from an expert

  17. I likely posting fake messages too. Thank you Jenson and the other fake posters for the good laughs.

  18. I said it before, now one more time, Game over! Buy a farm, with silver and gold in the ground and set up a wind farm to mine btc

  19. but to testify just for what I’m sure of, he’s trust worthy and best option ever seen

  20. With bitcoin currently at an unstable price range it is quite risky to mine coins in your wallet,what happens if bitcoin price drops down low?

  21. Quite risky i argree but personally i get good Roi using my personal trader’s strategy so even if bitcoin price drops low it will only affect about 20 % of my profit and that is still a win

  22. Nice strategy i want to get involved,hope your trader aint a freelance broker? if it is i wont want to get my hands in and my hopes up high

  23. I don’t even trade i invest with trading Expert Erin and i get good profit in return,she is a licensed broker reach her out she’ll help you earn

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