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65 commentaires

  1. This is proof that crypto currency is indeed something the government does not like and is trying to get rid of

  2. YouTube are corrupt. They answer to the powerful, to put down anything which threatens their power.

  3. It is not crypto exculusivelook up LONDON REALDAVID ICKE interview banned, its even on bbc home page news

  4. thanks for the support the carl ! we run the largest youtube channel in the Netherlands and we are devastated …. this is our backup channel but everything we have built up in 3 years is gone ….. maintenir le bon travail

  5. @OneLord World Indeed 👍 Censorship to the max. YouTube is centralised garbage. Cheers 🤙

  6. Back up copies of all of your previous videos so you can load them on Bitchute, Lbry, domaines Unstoppable, or where ever else you might create a new channel, All the Best Carl, main forte!

  7. Only way to sort this out is for 10,000 people to gather outside google HQ protesting. I live in Asia but willing to fly to Silicon Valleyare you ?

  8. Twich is Amazon’sYouTube is Google’sWe should move to a decentralized platform, stop giving power to these huge companies!!!

  9. Maybe you guys should concentrate more on BTC education than making money from affiliate links and blatantly promoting the platforms paying you the mostA trend that affects all channels now

  10. You guys are forgetting that google owns YouTube. It used to be a good platform until they sold it to google. Google is the NSA tracks you in live time, and builds a psychological profile of you from your searches, videos and other things you do in the net. Google is huge on censorship in which you will get left wing news sites and information for the first 10 à 15 pages. You want alternative news sites you have to go far back and they know you are too lazy to research that far. They are taking your choices away from you and your freedom of speech.

  11. Funny that you think that thisBackup Channelwill work for us.
    YouTube will simply delete as well. Need NEW PLATFORM.

  12. How many times does it need to be said? Back up your channels on bitchute!
    Embrace alt tech bitchute, minds, gab, dissenter, protonmail, startpage, duck duck go, eelo, courageux, linux, tails

  13. @ Midsummer station. Amazing how so many conspiracies prove to be true in the end, and how much of the mainstream news turns out to be bs propaganda

  14. @Harry Simpson they make like 100 conspiracy theories a day may be 1 or two turns out to be true

  15. Crow? hmmm .. l'exploitation minière nuage, trading indicators, what else? nothing good. Oh wait, DoopieCash, what were they about? Crypto trading .. I think the common thread isn’t “Crypto” ou “Bitcoin” .. it’s trading platforms run by thieves, promoted by y’all .. sucking in kids, turning them into degenerate gamblers.

  16. Yes exactly. At least start with it as ‘ 3 La lune’ and gradually it could become bigger. Its time to do something and reduce our reliance on Youtube.

  17. kas8 that’s not the point you geniusthey’re selecting what to hide after they created a monopolythis is society manipulation by bigger powers

  18. @S they did not create a monopoly, people chose to use their services. If you don’t like YouTube, use Bitchute or another platform instead.

  19. @kas8 LOLthe DIDNT CREATE A MONOPOLY??? are u kidding me??? its like 99% of the global video streamsyou have no idea what you’re talking about or about macroeconomics strategiesjust because there is a competition doesn’t mean people make choices

  20. If you need anything to confirm this watch this Sergey brin video about his dismay at Hillary Clinton losing, He very horribly biased his whole corporation

  21. That’s what I’ve been saying we need to move to a decentralized platform.
    They doing this because they know they don’t have no place to go and to get pay,
    That if we have a second YouTube decentralized they will be scared when they see immigration from YouTube 2 IU to decentralized then we’re going to see they’re going to be crying and calling everybody up

  22. @S If 99% prefer YouTube, that is still not a monopoly. A monopoly is protected against competition by law. Anyone can create another platform and compete with YouTube if they don’t like YouTube.

  23. @S so many people complain about YouTube. Si, instead of complaining on YouTube, they actually startet another platform, then YouTube would not have a market share of 99%.

  24. Yeah but it seems like that guy is full of sh*t- I believe he has been saying 5g will end human life as we know it and that the coronavirus figures are being made up?

  25. Nothing about this virus makes sense, same as 911 we are being scammed and they are doing everything they can to insure any alternative views are silenced. All the conspiracy theories are closer to the truth than the bullshit they are telling us on TV

  26. @buzz5602 what makes you believe that? Sounds like you have made an incorrect observation

    The figures are notmade upbut they are also NOT accurate by any stretch of the imagination.


  27. @Wolfgang totally agree. While conspiracy theories vary wildy they seem a lot closer to the truth than what the fearmongering mainstream media is ramming down sheeples throats.

  28. Exactement. Been in this game for years and all these youtubers are just here to make a buck off the back of their audience.

  29. Ouais, I don’t know anything about doopiecash, but Crow was a straight up shitcoin shiller when I followed him over a year ago.

    I don’t agree with the censorship, but he was not good for the space in my opinion.

  30. Decentralized platform bat token and others would be available idk why we dont already use something like that.

  31. @Mickey Drago Read your Bible ( Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth ) : Jesus Christ is your personal salvation, eternally . . . (smh)

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