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Bitcoin Nouvelles Aujourd'hui: Tone Vays was just deleted from YouTube. The YouTube crypto purge continues. Help Tone Vays by liking this video and retweet his tweets!

retweet: https://twitter.com/TheMoonCarl/status/1250805315722870784

retweet: https://twitter.com/ToneVays/status/1250800190757523465

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39 commentaires

  1. Looks like the elite are about to go hard into bitcoin, removing any information people can access before they do so, the fomo will be unreal.

  2. Harmful? cuz he teaches how to preserve your capital?! Nothing out of the ordinary on his latest vids..

  3. The troll accounts who falsely report crypto channels should be reported too, some of them made comments here.

  4. This is what happens when you put all your eggs in the same centralised basket. That’s happening everywhere, also in french cryptosphere

  5. Wow that’s so scary as I get started on YouTube with daily t.a videos if a big name like Tone gets removed then who else could be? I don’t know what to think. Going to keep making videos and always warning people that I don’t give financial advice.

  6. Stand together: The Content of the german Crypto-U-TuberDer Blocktrainergot deleted. U-Tube strikes again!!!

  7. Best news ever, this guy was so much full of hype that almost everyone I know would love to brake his neck. God exists 🤞🏻🙈

  8. Mr Tone Vays won’t loose much ad revenue from YT because he is one of the few youtube content creators that add real vale with no ads being displayed on all of tones videos.

  9. Tone vays has been gone for good as bearish analyst so bull run incoming in crypto then

  10. Youtube is bigger than any crypto youtuber!!! You need YouTube, YouTube doesn’t need you!!!

  11. I think people spam the “rapport” function on a YouTube video and the automatic algorithm ends up banning themYouTube doesn’t have the manpower to physically review this stuff that fast. Si 100 people suddenly flag the channel or a new stream then I’m pretty sure you get a strike and the stream goes down…. Blast a few more videos and the channel is banned? I’m certainly curious how it happens exactly.

  12. @volvo09 hopefully just a temporary thing.. they did mention that they’d take down some content because of the situation but not shut down entire channels. They should ban the bot gestapo instead lols

  13. You cannot support Trump or say bad things about Socialism or else Fascist Youtube will delete youPeople have allowed this by NOT voicing out their outrage strongly enough when the crypto purge began many months ago!!!

  14. @Mario Casanova I’m anti-trump and YT gives strikes my channels. Liking or not liking Trump has nothing to do with it.

  15. @Good Bro That’s why education has been so poor for the past 20 ans ou si. Orwell’s book should be compulsory school reading

  16. @Cryptocurrency News I said that you’ll get banned if you are pro-Trump _OR_ pro-Crypto. Tone Vays was both and he often voiced it out. Alors, he sinned twice and got punished harder than you. If you doubt that the lefties are the real fascists, go check the conservative and libertarian channels often complaining about Youtube, Google, FB, Instagram and Twiter banning their channels and comments. This is a leftist dictatorship, wake the F up!

  17. @Mario Casanova there’s plenty of those XRP channels that are pro-trump and pro-crypto and they didn’t even get a strike. Youtube has been banning a lot of conspiracy theory channels though, especially with the Corona and 5g stuff.

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