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Bitcoin Analyse technique & Bitcoin Nouvelles Aujourd'hui: The Bitcoin price is falling, and could this be because of a Pustoken sell-off? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Regardez la vidéo pour en apprendre plus!

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35 commentaires

  1. Guys don’t panic, wait for India Australia and South Korea to enter btc marketsbuy the dip Bro s 👍

  2. My only question is, was the run up from 3k because of this Ponzi? if it was… 3k wasn’t the real bottom.

  3. Sceptical that this is plus token. Chart has been rather bearish recently 🤔 failed to break key resistance several times so was going to drop

  4. Why on Earth would any legit investor invest into an asset that’s that insanely manipulated ?

  5. Thanks a lot for Emergecy update. Sans aucun doute, you are doing a great job.

  6. This is very very bad if its plus token. no one knows how many btc they have left….but if 13k btc selling off tanks the price on the weekend due to low liquidity, then they can manipulate for the foreseeable future….

  7. Its interesting that these things always happen on a Sunday evening (UK time)

  8. Anyone else remember 2017 when everyone was talking about how great CME Futures would be for Bitcoin? 😂

  9. should i buy right now? BTC is around 8070. faites le moi savoir. I would like to catch the falling knife. Merci.

  10. @Smith Js damn dude. U r a savage. I could have gotten to 1 btc but i lost most of it on shitcoins and Macaffe pumps 🥵

    ETH 2.0 will be Number 1 and Bitcoin Number 2, Pourquoi?
    5 logical reasons =
    1. ETH leads in Crypto Technology
    2. ETH is a blockchain that was developed to support scripting and the creation of decentralized applications and ‘smart contractsthrough its virtual machine (EVM).
    3. ETH is a cryptocurrency used to pay for the processing power of the EVM in order to run smart contracts or other Dapps, in what is called ‘gas’.
    4. ETH Smart contracts have been used on Ethereum for a variety of purposes, from issuing ICO tokens to creating entire decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).
    5. ETH has a very broad market and usability.

    The ETH must and must be Number 1 to offset the influence of TETHER.

    Crypto is now controlled by TETHER, not Bitcoin.
    The biggest 24-hour Trading Volume is TETHER, not Bitcoin.
    TETHER must be resisted, and the one who is able to resist the domination of Tether is ETHEREUM.

    Convert your Bitcoin to ETH so that ETH quickly becomes Number 1.
    BTC goes up 2X very long, but ETH is very likely to go up 4X ..!

    IMMEDIATELY Convert your BTC to ETH, then Crypto will be healthier ..!

  12. Another update, well m not an expert like carl is but what I have noticed is that there r 2 possibilities either its the plus toke dump and the other is the whales r using plus token as a tool to short and there ranges are $7k -$7.5k ranges any btc drop to this level guys buy and once btc touches 7k bottom it will rise huge and sell target would be again 10k. So guys buy at 7-7.5k and sell at 10k. Bonne chance

  13. Except Gregory Mannarino. He got out himself on time and warned everybody multiple times on Youtube that Wall Street is not interested in Bitcoin to makeus” riches, contrary to popular belief under BTC maximalists at that time.

  14. Why would I invest my hard earned cash in an asset that will maintain the same price throughout the entire investment period. I better just take my money and keep it in a bank and earn 4.5% profit per annum.

  15. You mean the stock market Lol all Large investments are manipulated. Must be a newbie

  16. I actually thought it was gonna be TERRIBLE unless you learn how to trade shortsthe gaps are helpful for that stuff

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