MOTIF Bitcoin & Cible | Ethereum Analyse technique, ETH Breakout??

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Bitcoin Analyse technique & Bitcoin Nouvelles Aujourd'hui: In this video I'll make some technical analysis on the Ethereum (ETH) prix. aussi, is the Bitcoin head & shoulders pattern going to play out? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Regardez la vidéo pour en apprendre plus!

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MOTIF Bitcoin & Cible | Ethereum Analyse technique, ETH Breakout??

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Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

40 commentaires

  1. if you give the slightest hope that plays into our dreams, we go for iti BOUGHTeven though you CLEARLY said NOT TO BUY UNTIL CONFIRMED…encore, because i WANTED IT TO GO UP, i BOUGHT..all was actually well in my exchange, until i listened to KIRBSwho keep snapping his fingers,, and slamming his fist on his desk, talking in that woman’s voice, GET OUT GET O UTso i did sell, he is so very emotionalhe scared the hell out me, so i sold, losing for the second time this year…$180…the price now, 4 hours later, is back where i bought, i would have never lost if i had not allowed myself to fall into fearplus, YOU DID CLEARLY WARN against doing exactly what i had done…alors…i lost some money, i will get over itNO PIZZA FOR ME tonight….BAD DOG! BAD DOG!

  2. Bad dog. Now go into ur hut and think about that pizza you could have had with cheeses and toppings of sorts. 😑

  3. Cheers Carl,
    Some of your watchers clearly need to understand the difference betweenPotential” et “Reality”….
    I recently asked my wife & daughter if they would sleep with Brad Pitt for $1m ? they both said “Oui, bien sûr”……
    Alors, POTENTIALLY i’m sitting on $2m
    …….In REALITY i’m living with a couple of slappers !!!!

  4. its very clear in all of your videos todo your own homework”, “this is a possible not a certainty”, “this is only my opinion”, etc and anyone who commentsyou saidclearly did not follow your advice aboutbeing master of their own ship !! When one invests/speculates it is entirely their decision and subsequent responsibility. To say “il a dit” is only to sayI don’t know what I am doingand that should be a clear signal to wait until youDO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND CAN BASE YOUR BUYS AND SELLS ON YOUR OWN GOOD JUDGEMENT”.
    Carl you certainly are clear thatno one can predict any market moveand you say this often !! You teach what to look for and not when or what to buy or sell. Those who choose not to listen to you and later point fingers are definitely not the smart money.
    I can say you are one of the very few no hype and sensible teachers on utube !! You help so much and your opinions are worth so much to so many who recognise value !!!
    Some food for thought Carlpeople on utube also shill their own comments with alts so keep your chin upwhy dont I make 20 plus accts and up vote this comment hahahahaha

  5. Camarade, you need to wait for a green light to buy. It needs to be absolutely safe to buy. If there is a shade of doubt you don’t buy BTC. You buy pizza. This will make you a better trader 😉

  6. You were crystal clear in yesterdays video Carl. I cannot imagine how people could have misunderstood it. Thanks for your exceptional videos!

  7. that’s not a head and shoulders, that’s a penis and testicules, et oui, its extremely bullish, we are going to 5200 once the penis stands up, and its very soon.

  8. Carl. Please don’t worry about people complaining. everyone should make there own decisions, and you are one of the best charters in the space. thanks so much for your work and time

  9. TA shows possible trend reversal, but not an exact time or price. You can’t trade without it, but it sometimes takes more time than you expect to move in predicted way.

  10. Hey Carl, love the vids and TA. Be careful with ignorant ppl and you dont have to explain yourself when ppl dont understand your video.
    Keep up the good stuff.
    Much love

  11. ..i do watch all your videos until the end, because its very helpful to understand this crytpouniversum ,keep on going carland thx for your work….

  12. *Carl please read*
    don’t take the comments from people personally who are putting negative comments with no logic.
    Don’t justify your self you are doing nothing wrong and I’ve been watching you around a year. Ur in my top three trusted you-tubers and in many others. U explain things fine and u underestimate how unintelligent the majority of the subscribers are and there comments reflect this. Keep doing what your doing you are brilliant and an asset In This space

  13. The only way to listen to kirbs is at 1.5 speed, and only then for entertainment purposes only. His entire channel is an advertisement for his private penis enlargement club.

  14. People have the attention span of a fish nowadays, your doing a good job Carl been watching for 8 months and learned so much about technical analysis, HE IS NOT GIVING FINANCIAL ADVICE, he’s doing technical analysis and giving you his opinion.

  15. Danse Danse – Pas du tout, I made profits on the way down. Trade the bounces. Just pointing out the irony in your original post about what “capitulation” actually meansit doesn’t exclude you or I.

  16. Everyone who’s done business online will experience those issues from PayPal. We have a few years back and it really was a headache for a bit.

  17. +Sam Saltwell I don’t care for capitulation, I won’t sell if it goes to zero, I’m longtherm Runner, toi?

  18. Danse Danse – I always sell on the way down and hence buy back in with bigger bags at each bottom. Don’t see the point in letting such predictable losses occur to your portfolio.

  19. +Sam Saltwell I missed the December 2017 peak, now at 80% correction I won’t sell, will just wait a few years for another run

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