Bitcoin EST 9.6K $ NOUVEAU FOND?! 🛑- EN DIRECT Analyse Trading Crypto & BTC Prix Nouvelles crypto-monnaie

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Has the Bitcoin (BTC) price potentially found a new bottom at $9.6K, À mon avis?! Let's discuss this live today and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + la prévision spéculative des prix(s) + actuel 2019 market news for cryptos in today's video/live stream!

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Avertissement: Le contenu couvert dans cette vidéo / live stream est de ne pas être considérées comme des conseils d'investissement. Je ne suis pas un conseiller financier. Ce ne sont que mes propres opinions personnelles, idées, hypothèses spéculatives, graphiques, analyse technique (TA), idées, nouvelles publications et prévisions de curated prix(s) pour 2019 et au-delà. Je ne vais jamais vous dire ce qu'il faut faire avec votre capital, métiers ou investissements. Je recommande aussi jamais pour vous d'acheter ou de vendre des actifs. Toujours faire vos propres recherches et seulement investir en fonction uniquement sur vos propres conclusions et jugement personnel. Commerce et / ou investir dans Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) ou tout autre type de crypto-monnaie, altcoin or asset of any kind is extremely high risk and the market + price of any asset can crash or rise unpredictably at any time! Cryptos sont incroyablement volatils! You should always consult with a professional/licensed financial adviser before trading or investing in any asset/commodity/etc. Ce flux vidéo / live est uniquement à des fins de divertissement seulement! —

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Bitcoin EST $9.6K THE NEW BOTTOM?! 🛑- EN DIRECT Analyse Trading Crypto & BTC Prix Nouvelles crypto-monnaie

26 commentaires

  1. Ooh kirby ooh you you you didnt say you are shorting. Ooh kirby ooh are we going to the moon now. Or to the liquidation Boulevard

  2. I’m bearish here because my mom told me that the trend is my friend until the end of the trend and trends don’t usually switch directions upwards without some sideways action first. Plus, all gaps love to get filled.

  3. not many down votes on the video, so i wouldnt take on the disrespect as anything against your TA and overall analysis. haters gonna hate. you are doing great man, keep doing yr thang!

  4. @alpha mantis if we hit 12600 then I would start to be bullish againuntil we hit a higher high, I will remain looking to shortagain..

  5. Please bring back “my bitcorns kirby, my bitcorns!” Lol that got stuck in my head all day yesterday and was hilarious

  6. I love the way you interpret all of this. grand contenu, Every moon boy should watch and learn and digest this priceless information and take the moon boy training wheels off.

  7. Enjoy your vids. TA is usually spot on, Merci d'avoir partagé! BTW EVEN my 13 year old daughter giggles at your monikers and voice overs.

  8. Ouais, Kirby, we’re still going down, this pump is because tether just print a F ton of tether and bought up the BTC.

  9. Because of the bearish weekly candle.
    Because a healthy correction after a parabola-run is 50/60%

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