Bitcoin dans une tendance baissière!!!! | Warren Buffet déjeuner Retardé! | Coinbase Passé 30,000,000 Utilisateurs!!!

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Bitcoin Analyse technique & Bitcoin Nouvelles Aujourd'hui: Aussi, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Regardez la vidéo pour en apprendre plus!

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0:59 Bitcoin
5:39 BTC Is Mind-Blowing
7:08 Bitcoin Maximalist
9:57 Coinbase 30 millions d'utilisateurs
10:46 Buffet Lunch Delayed
11:04 Bulgaria BTC

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Bitcoin dans une tendance baissière!!!! | Warren Buffet déjeuner Retardé! | Coinbase Passé 30,000,000 Utilisateurs!!!

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32 commentaires

  1. Брат, не го гледай Карл, това момче не знае за какво говори. Съветвам те, ако искаш да гледаш качествен технически анализ и да се научиш да провериш Krown’s Crypto Cave

  2. You asked for good crypto projects. VeChain offers supply chain management, something that is not possible with BTC. And they have real customers, like Walmart lately. Oui, it’s no bitcoin, but nevertheless a promising project for a multi-billion business. The next run will be different as more and more people realize that utility is king. We’ve all got to be patient. Btc is not the only winner, prices don’t reflect that now, but will over the coming years. Truly enjoy your videos, keep rolling.

  3. impatient potato only haha. That is still an achievement at this price. I think in a few years time that would be an even bigger deal. There are plenty of ordinary people who bought 100s of bitcoin who are now quiet in the comments section. Guess that will be us soon. Don’t want to attract those hackers. haha

  4. Lympo is mindblowing altcoin. Real dapp, I use daily, 200k MAU, nice developments made so far. Non.. 1 on Samsung Phones 10 +.

  5. Dropil will be huge one day. Extremely dedicated and transparent team behind an awesome product. They have a smart wallet, 2 trading bots, a prediction tool, arbitrage tool with more to come. Awesome project that’s getting better constantly.

  6. Hi Carl quick Question???
    Saw this on Twitter :
    Many of you may not know this, but if you want to eliminate your bitcoin exposure without actually going through the process of converting to fiat you can move your holdings into synthetic USD on bitmex by shorting with 1x leverage. Does this work on Bybit?

  7. I have the power to make bitcoin bounce up $1000-1500. All I gotta do is sell and within an hour the price will spike. Works every time

  8. Nano has some advantages. It doesn’t use as much electricity, it’s super fast and there are no transaction fees.

  9. La lune , hi
    What do you think of a coin like G1 (it’s a French one) and it has an interesting way of working. It’s based on its network , money is created by the people but also shared , there s a universal dividend (so you re getting money every month) to counter inflation while being anti speculative and stable. So you could have bitcoin as gold. And G1 as money. It improves both on fiat issues and bitcoin issues (as a usable currency)

    Would love to hear your thoughts on it

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