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Le Bitcoin (BTC) price potentially headed towards the "honey hole" target region on the line chart, À mon avis?! Let's discuss this live today and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + la prévision spéculative des prix(s) + actuel 2019 market news for cryptos in today's video/live stream!

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Avertissement: Le contenu couvert dans cette vidéo / live stream est de ne pas être considérées comme des conseils d'investissement. Je ne suis pas un conseiller financier. Ce ne sont que mes propres opinions personnelles, idées, hypothèses spéculatives, graphiques, analyse technique (TA), idées, nouvelles publications et prévisions de curated prix(s) pour 2019 et au-delà. Je ne vais jamais vous dire ce qu'il faut faire avec votre capital, métiers ou investissements. Je recommande aussi jamais pour vous d'acheter ou de vendre des actifs, security or cryptocurrency related instrument. Toujours faire vos propres recherches et seulement investir en fonction uniquement sur vos propres conclusions et jugement personnel. Commerce et / ou investir dans Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) ou tout autre type de crypto-monnaie, altcoin, atout, security or related instrument of any kind is extremely high risk and the market + price of any asset, security or related instrument can crash or rise unpredictably at any time! Cryptos sont incroyablement volatils! Vous devriez toujours consulter un conseiller financier professionnel / licence avant de négocier ou d'investir dans un actif, security or cryptocurrency related instrument! Ce flux vidéo / live est uniquement à des fins de divertissement seulement! —

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Bitcoin * CIBLES TROU DE MIEL * SUR TABLEAU DE LIGNE?❗️LIVE Crypto Analyse TA & BTC Prix Nouvelles crypto-monnaie

22 commentaires

  1. Bravo si vous êtes haussiers et répondez avec un commentaire nous dire pourquoi! 👍

  2. Bravo si vous êtes baissiers et répondre avec un commentaire nous dire pourquoi! 👍

  3. It just seems like market makers like to clean the shorts out before a drop to another fib level. With the order books so thin it sure would be an easy thing to do. It could even happen this weekend.

  4. 2 many bears I try to think like a market maker there’s more money in pumping it right nowthe TA says down but it’s 2 obvious I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a short-lived pump up.

  5. LOL, my trading style is similar to yours I wonder if its because I watch your video’s all the time even if I’m not commenting I’m in the shadows looming and learning

  6. Wise words from the Kirbs, “focus on what you CAN control, dont focus on what you cannot control

    Great video Don, thanks for these daily videos. Much love

  7. C’mon, Don. I love grilled cheese and tomato soup! Top notch TA and disciplined trading. Excellent, Don. Appreciate it.

  8. I really appreciate the smallest thing in this video, which is simply switching to the line chart. Gives a much clearer image of the current trends, cheers for that one you crypto don!!!!

  9. To All of the Geniuses & Stunods of the Comment Section Peanut Gallery-
    Line chart & “Line Breakcharts are two COMPLETELY different charting systems.
    They’re not even remotely similar in even the smallest of ways.

    The peanut brains in this space never cease to amaze me.
    This is NOT aLine Break” graphique.
    C'est un “Line” graphique.

    The only thing that aLinechart and aLine Breakchart have in common is the wordLine.

    Other than that- the comparison would be the same asNight” & “Day.

    The only difference between aLinechart and a traditionalCandlechart is that wicks are not included in the line chart’s display. The data is based on the candleclose” seulement.

    I use it to see a different representation of the same data in a different way to gain an alternate perspective.

    The visual difference of the line instead of candles can help identify key levels of confluence by eliminating some of the extra noise included in the candle chart.

    UNE “Line Breakchart is a completely different mathematical calculation of data.

    It has absolutely NOTHING in common with aLine” ou “Candlechart AT ALL.

    The data displayed on aLine Breakchart is completely and entirely different than what is displayed on thisLine” graphique.

    I can’t even believe I had to post this comment to clarify this

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